The Defence Ministry of India has issued an approval letter to grant Permanent Commission to the women officers of the Indian Army. This initiative has created a path for women empowerment in the Indian Army and let them take on much larger roles in the organization.

The order laid down the grant of PC to women officers in all the following ten streams of Indian Army:

  • Army Air Defence (AAD)
  • Signals
  • Engineers
  • Army Aviation
  • Electronics and Mechanical Engineers (EME)
  • Army Service Corps (ASC)
  • Army Ordnance Corps (AOC)
  • Intelligence Corps
  • Judge and Advocate General (JAG)
  • Army Educational Corps (AEC)

The Selection Board will be arranged soon after all the affected SSC women officers utilize their option and finish the documentation process.

While the male SSC officers could opt for PC at the end of 10 years of service, women were not given this option. As a result of which, they were kept out of any command appointment, and were ineligible for the government pension as well. This pension is granted only after completion of 20 years of service as an officer.

Women in the Indian Army

As of now, the percentage of women in the Indian army is only 3.89%, Navy 6.7%, and Air Force 13.28%. These percentages do not include the medical corps, dental corps, and military nursing service.

The admission of women in the Indian Army is only made via the Short Service Commission (SSC). However, women were not allowed to serve more than 14 years. Some women who continued to serve on extension, but they were not given a permanent commission as male officers.

Over 300 women officers are serving in the Indian army for more than 14 years on extensions.

Reasons such as motherhood, physiological limitation, childcare, and women officers from the rural background were given by the Government for not giving command roles to women. The Supreme Court junked out all these excuses and gave permanent status to women in the Indian Army.