This is SAGARIKA SINGH, from Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. I have been recommended from AFSB 1 – Dehradun in my first attempt. Presently I am working in Accenture, Gurgaon as Associate Software Engineer. It was my very first AFCAT examination too, hence I prepared very calculated part precisely my strong area rather than wasting time to improve the weaker section. Once results were out, I searched for online study material as work schedule didn’t allowed for full-time coaching. As per the recommendation of many aspirants I bought book and CD by Natarajan sir, which gave me all the specific insight into the procedure.

The thorough and deep analysis of CD as well as book helped me as following:
1) Prior knowledge of procedure reduced beginner’s stress.
2) Precise solutions to PGT tasks and some handy knot methods.
3) Broad analysis of various possible topics of Lecturette.
4) Helped in making strategy for different individual tasks.
5) Visual analysis of Group Races and hurdles.
6) Last, but not the least pumped enough confidence to think, behave and act like soldier.


TAT – For this, I practiced a lot of pictures by setting timer and tried to explain in minimum possible words, a good vocabulary will be an asset to this round. Also, one can write a meaningful story by imagining yourself into that situation and possible response will reduce your time of thinking.
WAT – I attempted all the words in WAT. My every word was used in a message giving sentence. Also, refrain from using too much average statements. Use of I/we / self-addressing won’t help much. Although you may use name of famous inspiring people.

SRT – I attempted 56 srts and here, the book helped significantly. We often give instant measures whereas a complete set of actions are required.

GD – I had very nice team members, we all sailed through our GD, without creating fish market . We also encouraged introvert members to participate in discussion. At all the point, you need to have positive team spirit.

GPE – Our GPE didn’t go well, as we were foxed by hidden path, which we failed to notice and hence, we didn’t use. Observe every minute detail as it can turn out to be the most crucial resource. Here, don’t volunteer yourself for narration, let team decide.

PGT – Like, every team, initially there will be struggle to arrive at a specific decision. But, don’t loose your calm or show frustration. Try to convince team members to first decide either of the ways as there is a possibility that you will be given to choose from two options.Once fixed, stick to it don’t change as difficulty level is same in both.

Lecturette – Read books, stay updated, use facts and figures to support point. Broadly divide paras of topic and speak fearlessly, everyone is under same pressure as you.
INTERVIEW – First and only rule- Do not lie – be yourself, be genuine, do not act smart. Try to put even your weakness in positive way. Stay highly optimistic, even if interviewer will try to divert you negatively.

CONFERENCE – In my conference, I was asked about my city, about stay at SSB and any suggestion. Feel free to speak. And always give your best with pride as you are being judged by people at highly prestigious post.


How I Got Recommended for CDSE Entry for IMA-146 DE from 24 SSB Board Bangalore in 1st Attempt