AFCAT exams are now being held online with the help of C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing). Indian Air Force is the first service that is conducting IT-enabled Online Examination for AFCAT. Online test has come into effect in January 2018.

This article will enlighten you about everything regarding AFCAT Online Test Procedure of 2018.
  • First of all, AFCAT online test is objective in nature
  • Online exam paper is displayed in English language
  •  Every correct answer will gain you 3 marks
  •  For every wrong answer, 1 mark will be reduced

If this is your first time giving AFCAT exam, check out the following procedure and instructions you need to follow while taking the online test:

Logging in:

  • Type the roll number provided to you and your email id to log into the website.
  • Once you login, the screen will display your Name, Photograph and Hall ticket number.

Basic Prepping Up:

You will be provided with a rough A4-size sheet for calculation work. As soon as you login, make sure you write down your Name, Hall ticket number, Session ID and Set on this sheet.

  • You need to submit this sheet to the supervisor before leaving the exam hall

Actual online test:

Duration of the AFCAT online test is of 2 hours. To give your choice of answer you need to click on its corresponding “Radio button”.

  • You can easily navigate through all of the questions using the scroll bar on the mouse.
  • Every answer has its own corresponding radio button. You need to choose the one that you think is correct.
  • If you want to erase an answer, you can click on “Clear Answer “button and answer that question again
  • If you feel doubtful about any question and want to review it once again later, you can click on the “Mark for Review” Hence, a sign of “?” will appear next to that question in the question paper grid. You can review it later. You can even use the same button to “Unmark” it.
  • Once you finish, you need to click on “Submit Examination” and submit your test. But, you still need to sit in the examination hall, you cannot leave the premises before end time.

General instructions:

  • You are not allowed to carry any electronic device such as mobile phones, calculator, etc. in the examination hall.
  • At start, the supervisor will come to you with an attendance sheet on which you need to affix your color photograph and sign next to your name.
  • You need to note down your session ID compulsorily
  • If you don’t record your session ID, your online test will not be considered for evaluation
  •  You are not allowed to open any other browser or software application on the PC
  •  You cannot shut down the computer
  •  If for some reason, the browser gets closed, you need to report it to the supervisor and get a new session ID. Further, you also need to update this new session ID on your   attendance sheet.
  •  For any other technical problem, report it immediately to the supervisor.
  •  In case of any malpractice, you shall get disqualified then and there.