To become a part of the National Defence Academy Cadet, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) gives the eligible candidates an opportunity by conducting the National Defence Academy examinations two times every year. The candidates who pass the written examination will be called for a debilitating, personality analysis test. This procedure will be conducted by the Service Selection Board (SSB). A candidate who will be passing through this robust regime will be sent for the medical analysis where the physical fitness and the other requirement will be thoroughly checked before the final merit list is published with the names of the chosen candidates.

The selection of candidates in this process will be fully dependant on the final list. The NDA situated in Khadakwasla in Pune is responsible for choosing candidates for all three genres or services The Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, and the Indian Army as well.

The course structure in all of the three fields will be broken into six different terms where the candidates will be having rigorous training as well as studying certain subjects of their choice. By completing all of the requirements, they will be rewarded with the bachelor’s degree in the subject of their preference and also will be skilled with all the basic and important military skills as well.

The whole training session will be divided into six terms, and the candidates on reaching the fifth term will be sent for specialized training in either of the three service wings. The graduating candidates will be getting degrees from Jawaharlal Nehru University, the top-rated university in India and will be allowed to join their respective genre of service be that the Army, navy or air force.

The Indian Army cadets will be going for further one year of training in Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun whereas the Indian naval candidates will be going to the Naval Academy, Ezhimala for their training and the air force candidates will be joining the air force academy in Dundigal, Hyderabad.

NDA 2 2019  
Date of notification 07.08.2019
Last date of online applications 03.09.2019
Date of examination 17.11.2019
Result Date Feb 2020
SSB Date April 2020

Every year an innumerable number of candidates emerge for this examination, but very few ultimately makes it up to the top, the majority of them either do not fit the eligibility criteria when it comes to the fitness examinations or does not pass the written examination as well.

Eligibility criteria-


The interested candidate should be a legal citizen of either India, Nepal or Bhutan. Other than that a Tibetan refugee who intends to become a permanent resident of India and came here before January 1, 1963, is also allowed to sit for the test.

Any person who is a migrant from Burma, Sri Lanka, Pakistan & East African Countries of Kenya, Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia or Vietnam and intends to become a permanent citizen of India are also eligible to sit for the test.

Other than this there are certain core rules which the eligible candidates are requested to follow strictly, such as-

The candidates born in between January 2, 2001, to 2nd January 2004 will be eligible to sit for the examinations. Candidates born before the estimated period will not be allowed strictly.

Male candidates who are interested in appearing for the examinations should be unmarried.

Female candidates are not eligible for the examinations.

The date of birth, which is mentioned in the higher secondary examination certificate or any other certificate of the same standard will be considered as legal information about the appearing candidate.

All the eligible candidates are expected to strictly follow the rule which depicts that they are not allowed to marry until they completely finish their training. Any candidate who will take the decision of getting married in between the training period will be asked to leave the academy and payback the whole amount of resources that the government has spent on his training.

Criteria for qualifying the examinations:

Eligibility criteria for the Indian Army-

A person is eligible for joining the training regime of the Indian Army if he has passed his class 12 board examination from a well known legal board.

Any person who will be appearing for their 12th boards is also eligible for the training in the Indian Army.

Eligibility criteria for the Indian Navy and Air force-

A person is eligible for joining the training regime of the Indian Navy and Air force if he has passed his class 12 board examination from a well known legal board with mathematics and physics as two of their compulsory subjects in school.

Any student who is banned by the Ministry of Defense is definitely not eligible for appearing in the examinations and training for the Indian Navy and Air force.

Candidates who failed INSB/PABT before are also not eligible for the Air force training.

Any candidate planning to join the Indian Navy and Air force should be inheriting all the physical requirements to be declared fit for joining the regime.

Candidates who were debarred from any training centers due to behavioral issues are not allowed to join back any of the training centers.

The physical fitness requirements for the SSB examinations are mentioned in details below-

The interested candidates should cure the following defects if they plan to get selected by giving the SSB examinations and pass the physical fitness analysis phase as well-

  • Wax (Ears).
  • Deviated Nasal Septum.
  • Hydrocele/Phimosis.
  • Overweight/Underweight.
  • Under Sized Chest.
  • Piles
  • Tonsillitis
  • Gynaecomastia
  • Varicocele

A candidate with a tattoo will not be accepted for the examination. If and only if the tattoo is present on the inner side of the forearm, it will not be an issue. Other than that tattoos present on the back side of the palms or on the area from elbow to wrist (another side in this case) or on any other part of the body cannot be considered.

A candidate from any tribal community having tattoos on their body or face for ritualistic causes will be considered relying on a case by case basis.

Height and weight requirement-

The minimum height needed to be eligible for the training is 157 centimeters. But for Indian Air force it is 162.5 cm.

Exceptions- candidates belonging to Gorkha community or from the North-Eastern parts of India the height parameter can be reduced to 5 cm.

For candidates for Lakshadweep, the height requirement will be reduced to 2 cm.

Detailed chart of height and weight requirements for Army and Air force are-

  16-17 YEARS 17-18 YEARS 18-19 YEARS
152 42.5 44 45
155 43.25 45.3 47
157 45 47 48
160 46 48 49
162 48 50 51
165 50 52 53
167 51 53 54
170 52.5 55 56
173 54 57 58
175 56 59 60
178 58 61 62
180 60 63 64.5
183 62.5 65 66.5


  16-17 YEARS 17-18 YEARS 18-19 YEARS
152 44 45 46
155 45 46 47
157 46 47 48
160 47 48 49
162 48 50 51
165 50 52 53
167 52 53 54
170 55 55 56
173 57 57 58
175 59 59 60
178 58 61 62
180 61 63 64
183 63 65 67

Candidates who will be selected by the SSB will be going to give a thorough examination for the detection of any physical or mental disabilities. Any candidate who plans to be a part of these three regimes should be totally fit and should inherit the required specification in their physical aspects.

The candidate should not be underweight or have any sort of mental issues as well and should not be obese as well.

The chest should be well developed and with 81 cm. also chest Xray reports should be submitted for the detection of any chest related complications or defects.

The candidate should not have underdeveloped bones or joints or have any past mental or psychological issues such as anxiety defects or panic attacks as well.

The hearing capabilities of a candidate should be well developed enough to make him hear a whispered voice from 610 cm in a silence condition. There should not be any past cases of ear, nose or throat defects or severe diseases as well. There will an audiometric test conducted for AF. Autodiametric loss of hearing should not be more than 20 DB in frequencies between the range of 250 and 8000 Hz.

There should not be any speech defect in the individual as well.

There should be no issues arising will blood pressure levels, and normal results should be maintained. Any sort of heart disease should be fully cured before appearing for the examinations is also expected.

No internal abdominal organs should be in distress, and no enlargement of spleen and liver should take place.

Hernia complications should be cured before sitting for the examinations. There should be a minimum of 6 months gap in between the surgery and the date of application.

The candidate should not possess any sort of skin defects which will hamper their selection process also they should inherit a normal number of teeth configuration and should not have severe pyorrhoea as well.

For joining the air force, the candidate should not have any pas medical issues with their spine or other joints. Their ECG routine is expected to be in normal limits, and also if any of the above mentioned defects are detected during the radiology test, the candidate will be discarded.


Visual requirements-

The candidates expected vision is expected to be 6/6 in the better eye and 6/9 in the worse eye. The Myopia conditions should be of maximum 25 D, and Hypermetropia should not exceed 3.5 D. the candidate should inherit binocular vision and color blindness should not be a defect expected to be present in them either. For being in the Army, the candidate’s color vision standard will be CP III.

Candidates should be capable of differentiating colors like red and green. They are expected to present a medical certificate stating that he or any of this parental generation possess night blindness. Candidates who performed a radio keratotomy to enhance their visual aspects will be right away rejected.

Candidates who got laser surgery for enhancement of visual aspects are also not eligible for the defense job in any of the three regimes.

Eyesight requirements for candidates planning to join the Naval services-

  • Uncorrected without glass 6/6
  • Corrected with glass 6/6
  • Limits of Hypermetropia +1.5
  • Limits of Colour Perception I
  • Binocular Vision III

Eyesight requirements for Air Force Candidates:

  • Uncorrected without glass 6/6, 6/9
  • Corrected with glass 6/6 (only for Hypermetropia)
  • Limits of Myopia Nil
  • Limits of Hypermetropia +2.00 D Sph
  • Manifest Myopia Nil Re
  • Tinoscopic Myopia 0.5
  • Colour Vision CP-I (MLT)
  • Astigmatism +0.75 Cyl (within + 2.0 D.Max)
  • Near Vision N-5 each eye
  • Maddox Rod Test
  • The details of Maddox Rot Test are as the following:
  • At 6 meters Exo-6 prism D
  • Eso-6 prism D

Hyper-1 prism D

Hypro-1 prism D

At 33 cms Exo-16 prism D

Eso-6 prism D

Hyper-1 prism D

Candidates who cannot work without wearing spectacles are not eligible for any of the three defense job. They should either work with contact lenses or nothing else.

Candidates who went through cataract surgeries with or without IOL implants are also not eligible for the defense posts in any f the three categories.

Candidates who opted for LASIK treatment are also not fit for being eligible for nay post as well.

Physical fitness requirements-

The interested candidates should obviously be highly active and fit enough to perform a lot of rough and gruesome fitness routine, including prolonged hours of running and freehand exercises.

The candidate should be able to do the following things-

  • Running (2.4 km within 15 mins)
  • Skipping
  • Push-ups and sit-ups of 20 reps.
  • A minimum of 80 chin-ups.
  • Rope climbing of 3-4 meters.