One of the core reasons why candidates become nervous during SSB interview is because of some underlying situations such as having lack of experience in facing interviews or being unemployed. Lack of preparation is also a huge culprit in making you nervous. Remember, the more you prepare, more confident you will be.

High stakes situation makes you anxious and makes you focus towards hiding this anxiety instead of focusing on the actual interview. For some people anxiety is all about speaking without thinking, while others become completely blank and tongue-tied.

This article elucidates several ways to help you stay calm during the SSB interview:

1. Organise Your mental thoughts:

As soon as you wake up in the morning, prepare a mental map of all the things you will be doing throughout the day. Set up priorities and try to follow them. Understand that your whole life will be completely transformed if you get selected. Keeping this perception in mind, organise your thoughts, prepare early, dress well for the interview and strictly adhere to timings.

If you are unorganized and late for the interview, that itself is enough to scatter your thoughts all over the place. You won’t get time to be calm and collected.

2. Sleep well:

Incomplete sleep might make you all dizzy, lazy and fatigued the next day. 7 hours of healthy sleep is very essential for an optimistic thought process. Being sleep-deprived might affect your decision-making abilities and make you annoyed.

3. Just Relax:

Most of the time in such high stakes situation, you just need to breathe. Taking deep breaths is proven to relax your mind and suppress your anxiety. Your body and mind, both will calm down.

4. Meditation works like a miracle:

Now you don’t need to perform a full-form yoga, but mediation can do wonders to your state of mind. Meditating for about 10-15 minutes twice everyday can heal you mentally as well as spiritually. All you got to do is take long and slow deep breaths while closing your eyes.

5. Exercise:

Plan a pre-interview routine and you could include exercising in it as well. Exercise will help you burn that nervous energy coming off your body. So, when you actually go for the SSB interview, you won’t come off as someone over enthusiastic or overly nervous person.

Additionally, all those endorphins released during workouts will elevate your mood and make you optimistic.

6. Go through that notes:

During your preparation period, if you have made any notes, this is the right time to go through them. Review these notes and restrain from reading other things that might divert your attention.

7. Straighten up your posture:

Power poses can really help you feel more confident and collected. Your posture must be straight and confident, anything that does not come off as tired or nervous.

8. Don’t mug up any answers:

Examiners are very smart and trained people. They can figure out when you give rehearsed responses. Your whole impression might seem unauthentic and scripted. Interview is a two-way interaction, just relax and be confident about whatever things you’ve learned. Then, the interview will flow on its own.