Confidence is a trait that cannot be acted or practiced overnight, it is something that comes through discipline and daily activities. When it is about getting selected in SSB, confidence is the key to success. Officers in armed forces are expected to take decisions confidently and quickly. Which is why, during SSB interview, examiners look for level of confidence in you.

This article will enlighten you with some effective tips to be confident during SSB interview:

Know yourself better, even your insecurities

Lack of confidence comes from when one knows there’s something lacking in himself/herself. Thinking about your negatives makes you insecure and sometimes causes you to be overly nervous. This might happen because you feel you have poor communication skills or are physically weak or you look fat and so on.

Work on your insecurities and scratch them off your life. Give yourself a pep talk, sometimes it works like a charm!

Dress appropriately:

If you look good, you are going to feel good. When you look at yourself in the mirror, a positive energy must strike in you that urges you to do well. If you dress up presentably for the interview, it really makes a difference in the way you talk and way you walk.

The significance of dressing up can be recognized through disciplined uniforms worn by officers in armed forces.

Talk to someone:

Too much overthinking and over evaluating regarding your failures in life can drop your confidence level. If you just keep on blaming yourself for things happening in your life, you cannot really focus on the optimistic side.

It is much advisable to talk to someone about your shortcomings, failures, and fear. When you vent it all out, people surrounding you might motivate you and help you overcome this state of low self-esteem. With that, you can then focus on overcoming these shortcomings and work on building yourself.

Know your strengths:

Just like you ought to know about your shortcoming, you also need to know about your strengths. Self-evaluation is a very important part of preparation before facing the SSB interview. Always keep challenging yourself. You are your best teacher; you alone know all your flaws and positives perfectly.

Practice walking faster:

If you want to join armed forces, you need to be fast in your actions. This can be reflected through your walk. When it’s your turn for the interview, keep your head high, walk a bit fast and see how confidence sinks in you.

Pretend it:

Even when you are not so confident, pretending to be very confident can actually trick your mind. We know faking confidence is actually undesirable and useless like stated above. But, here we are talking about acting confident for few minutes at the very beginning of the interview.

You will see how with time, your confidence kicks in and actually builds up to be stronger.

Fostering a positive attitude will cause your negative thoughts to drown. And, you will then have a clear-cut vision of your thoughts.

Take mock interviews:

The preparation period is the most significant period that decides your selection in armed forces. Prepare yourself by opting for mock interviews to help you come out of your comfort zone. Besides, you will be exposed to interview ambience and frequently asked questions as well.

Being updated about national and international current affairs, basic GK and military-related facts will also eventually boost your confidence because of being well-prepared.