The Indian Navy has invited applications from interested candidates who are unmarried and fully eligible as per the terms and conditions set by the Government of India for candidates who are interested to join the SSC (Short Service Commission) as officers of Executive (Only IT) and the Technical Branches under the University Entry Scheme (UES) of the Indian Navy, for which the course starts from June 2020.

CONDITION OF ELIGIBILITY: The applicants who are interested should currently be in the last year of any regular BE or B. Tech or Any Integrated Degree Course in a college whose university is recognized by the AICTE (All Indian Council for Technical Education) with the afore mentioned degrees, with the candidates having obtained a minimum marks which aggregate to 60% till the 5th Semester of the Degree of the regular BE or B. Tech and 7th Semester of any integrated degree course.


  1. The candidate should only fill one application.
  2. The candidate who are found to be eligible for more than one specialization, cadre or branch should make sure that they mention their choice of the branch they wish to opt for on the application form.
  3. Based on the performance of the candidate on the campus interview, they shall be issued a call up from the SSB (Service Selection Board) interview.
  4. The candidate should be informed that if in case they have any pending backlogs in any of the semesters in their degrees, they shall not be eligible for the Service Selection Board’s Interview.
  5. The candidate shall be shortlisted for the Service Selection Board on the basis of their first preference.
  6. If in case the candidate is not selected for the preference they opted for, they can be considered for any other alternate Specialization or branch or cadre which is based on the availability of any spare and vacant slots in the Service Selection Board in the respective branch or specialization or cadre.
  7. If the candidate has been selected after shortlisting for any branch or cadre or specialization, they would have to undergo other processes (SSB, Medical Examination and meriting) under the selection process which is exclusive for the specialization or branch or cadre that they opted for.
  8. For candidates who have been allocated in the Technical branch can be allotted for the Air Technical Specialization for which they shall be assigned as the Air Technical Officers by the Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence (Navy).
  9. It has to be noted that the candidates who have a BE or B. Tech degree in Avionics, Aeronautical or Aerospace streams would only be considered for the Air Technical Branch.
  10. No other students from the any other stream other than the streams which are mentioned in the picture shall be considered eligible for the selection process at any given stage.

ELIGIBLE AGE: The birth date of the candidate should be from 02nd of July 1996 to the 01st of July, for which both the dates shown shall be included.

THE REQUIRED MINIMUM PERCENTAGE TO JOIN INDIAN NAVAL ACADEMY: As mentioned before the candidate should acquire a minimum of 60% marks in total aggregate upon the completion of the candidate’s BE or B. Tech or Any Integrated course. If the candidate does not meet the required cut off percentage, then they shall not be allowed to join the Indian Naval Academy located in Ezhimala.

STEPS TO APPLY: All the candidates who are interested to apply for the Indian Navy are required to visit the official recruitment website of the Indian Naval Academy The candidate can apply from the 07th of June 2019 to the 27th of June 2019.


  1. All the candidates who are deemed to be eligible shall require to undergo a Naval Campus Selection Process. The Candidates who qualify the campus interview shall be shortlisted for an interview by the Service Selection Board on the basis of their preference. All the rights regarding the cut offs and shortlisting would be reserved by the Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence (Navy).
  2. The shortlisted candidates from the campus interview shall be called for the SSB interview at any of the centres at Bangalore/ Bhopal/ Coimbatore/ Vishakapatnam/ Kolkata from December 19 to April 20. The candidates who have been selected shall be informed via E-mail that’s been provided by the candidates.


  1. The training is scheduled to start begin in the month of June 2020 at the Indian Naval Academy located in Ezhimala.
  2. All the candidates who have been selected for University Entry Scheme in the rank of Sub Lieutenant as an officer shall undergo a training of 22 weeks of Naval Orientation at Ezhimala which shall be followed by professional training in training establishments and naval ships. In case of the entry as an executive in IT, the course duration shall be of 04 weeks.