Pakistan claims to win the fifth generation or hybrid war

Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa in a ceremony announces its might to win the fifth generation or hybrid war. Following the claims made by Beijing of defeating India in case of a war, was carried on with its ally. Bajwa declares Pakistan to be a peace loving country, but will not fail to provide with a befitting response if provoked. He also revisited the time in 1965 when Pakistan had defeated India. Speaking of Kashmir, he announced that Pakistan has not accepted India’s unilateral move on the disputed land, hence causing unrest across LoC.


Russia begins manufacturing space suits for Gaganyaan mission

Glavkosmos reports the initiation of manufacturing of personal flight equipment for the Indian cosmonauts, by Research, Development and Production Enterprise Zvezda, a subsidiary of Russian space organisation Roscosmos. The signed contract involves training of the Indian astronauts, providing for their space suits, also for the production of individual seats and custom-made couch liners.



Training Ladakhi dogs for defence

The native breeds in Ladakh, predominantly the Bakharwal dog, are being trained to be used as a required basis. The dogs having high sniffing powers can detect mines. They can also be employed as sled dogs at the icy heights of Ladakh for casualty evacuation, and even can act as good guard dogs at military posts to alert in case of reported intrusion. Generally, Labradors and German Shepherds are deployed in Ladakh due to its extreme weather conditions. However, these local dogs are sturdy, have a thick coat and are acclimatised to cold and desolate conditions, hence perfect for mountainous purposes.


Arogya Setu app might be compromising data regarding troop movements

The government of India’s COVID tracker app, Arogya Setu may be facilitating tracking of troops in sensitive areas that of Ladakh. Through the app, the location of the soldiers could be misused for tracking their movements in camps. Even if the app will not show the exact number of soldiers present in a camp, the risks are high of revealing the presence to the opposition. One could easily input a wrong location and immediately locate the soldiers.

The soldiers in the forward posts are not using mobile phones to avoid the risk, however movement from peace stations, and locations other than forward posts may be tracked.


Pakistan carries out indoctrination camps in the same manner of Xinjiang

The Pakistani Army is running two indoctrination camps inspired by the lines of Uyghurs re-education camps of China for Baloch fighters. The motto of these camps is to condition the Baloch fighters psychologically, socially, and culturally, and forcefully instil values in them by transforming them into law-abiding citizens. The focus is to remove any Balochi sentimentality while making the Pakistani studies, religious- patriotism and jihad as the key subjects at the camps. The tenure of both the camps is roughly around three months.