• Indian Navy offers technical support to the Air Force of Sri Lanka

As a kind gesture, the India Navy has decided to offer technical support to rectify the technical problem in the Sri Lankan Air Force An-32 aircraft.

The Indian Navy was capable of offering this assistance because of similar inventory and experience. It has shown the level of cooperation between India and Sri Lanka at cordial and fraternal levels.

  • Pakistan says it will hold its own meet of OIC doesn’t talk about the Kashmir matter

Pakistan is now threatening to hold a meeting of all the Islamic nations to talk about the Kashmir matter if the OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) fails to do so.

Various countries from the OIC have not replied to this initiative of Pakistan led by the permanent representative (PR) at the UN. Moreover, the decision of the UAE to support India had drawn backlash from Pakistan-based social media.

  • India can now stand solo against China in any border dispute

After the violent Galwan Valley clash on June 15, India is now confident to stand solo against China if any future border dispute arises. The US had also offered India to form a Quad alliance against Beijing, but India is confident in standing alone.

Various negotiations have taken place between India and China after the Eastern Ladakh clashes. These have helped a little bit as both the countries have started pulling back their troops. However, the Chinese troops are still present in regions of Depsang Plains, Gogra, Fingers, and Pangong Tso,

  • Indian Army to study laser, robotics, and AI for warfare

The Indian Army is working on a new study on ‘niche and disruptive warfare technologies’ led by senior Lt. General. This study will include various things such as drone swarms, robotics, lasers, loiter munitions, AI, big data analysis, and algorithmic warfare.

According to the sources, this study aims to bolster the current war-fighting capabilities of the Indian Army. On the other hand, China has also been working on various warfare technologies using AI to bring about a revolution in military affairs (RMA) with Chinese characteristics.

  • China proposed a new normal to end the border dispute

The Indian army will not move from the LAC in the Eastern Ladakh. The People’s Liberation Army of China tried to negotiate a new normal at the border but in vain.

India has also asked China to restore the pre-April 20 positions at the friction points, but China did not agree to this.

India has already banned 100 Chinese mobile apps and also altered the rules to bar Chinese firms from getting government contracts. Now India is ready to have a hard look at the tie-ups with the Chinese Universities to make sure that they comply with the existing norms.