• ED conducts raids in Pilatus aircraft deal

The ED is carrying out raids in 14 areas in Delhi, Surat, and Gurgaon regarding the Pilatus aircraft deal that involved arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari. Bhandari and other IAF officials were already booked by the CBI last June with a corruption case of Rs 2,985 crore in the 75 PC-7 trainer aircraft in 2009.

ED charged Bhandari of money laundering and asked him to be extradited from London. In July 2020, CBI has filed a fresh FIR against Sanjay for purchasing benami properties in London (these properties are allegedly purchased for Robert Vadra).

  • Pakistan-sponsored terrorists targeting the BJP workers in Kashmir

The rise of BJP footprints in Kashmir has led Pakistan and it’s proxies to train their guns on unarmed sarpanches and other workers. In the past 48 hours two BJP sarpanchs, Sajjad Khandey and Arif Ahmad, have been attacked by the Pakistan sponsored terrorists.

The aim behind these targeted killings is to destroy the 3D approach of the Modi Government – Dialogue, Development, and Democracy. The terrorists are trying to stop the Bharatiya Janata Party from making inroads into Kashmir.


  • Taiwan planning to purchase the sophisticated US drones

The United States of America is talking with Taiwan for the first time regarding the sale of sophisticated aerial drones. The SeaGuardian surveillance drones are capable of keeping a watch over huge swathes of sea as well as land.

These drones have got a range of 6,000 nautical miles which is huge as compared to Taiwan’s current 160-mile range drones. These drones will help Taiwan in peering into China, keeping a watch over its air force, missiles, and other facilities.

  • The Budgam fire accused IAF officers ask to stop court martial

Two officers have to face court martial for their alleged involvement in the ‘friendly fire’ in shooting down an IAF Mi-17 chopper at Budgam in 2019. This incident took place a day after the Balakot strikes.

This case is different from the other ones. Here, a special clause has been raised to not share any details with the accused on grounds of national security.

Group Captain Suman Roy Chowdhury and Wing Commander Shyam Naithani have been accused in this case. According to sources, the inquiry revealed violations of standard operating procedures. Moreover, the chopper did not receive any warning before the missile was fired.

  • Mining for Rare Earth Metals in IOR would not be easy for India

The recent clash with China has affected the industrial supplies in India that relied on China for raw materials and components. According to the sources, All Indian missions are looking for raw materials and components to achieve the ‘Atma Nirbhar’ industry. India is in urgent need of Cobalt, Tungsten, Nickle, Copper, Gold along with other metals and minerals.

IOR is a mineral-rich area where most of the governments have mining and exploration of friendly policies. However, due to the presence of Chinese ships and submarines in the IOR, mining Rare Earth metals would be challenging for India. This would also pose a huge challenge to our Indian Navy as they would have to dedicate assets to monitor the activities of these exploration feel vessels.