• The report made by the Defense Ministry of India about Chinese transgression taken down.

The report made by the Indian Defense Ministry about Chinese troop aggression in the Indian territory was taken down. They believe this is a sensitive matter and requires close monitoring and screening of activities.

  • GC Murmu resigned from Lieutenant-Governor post in J&K.

G.C Murmu resigned from his Lieutenant Governor post in Jammu and Kashmir, and he is very likely to join as the Comptroller and Auditor General. The President on Thursday accepted his resignation and gave his post to Manoj Sinha.


  • New Pakistan Map declares to have parts of Indian territory as their own.

The new Map published by the government of Pakistan led by PM Imran Khan shows Jammu and Kashmir along with some parts of Gujarat as Pakistan’s area. The Ministry of External Affairs in India said that this Map is politically absurd and has no credibility worldwide as well.

  • India rejects China’s involvement with the Kashmir issue.

The Chinese government asked the UNSC to discuss the Kashmir issue in a closed door meeting which India strictly rejected and asked China to stay away from this as the Kashmir issue is India’s domestic issue.

China also made derogatory remarks on India’s decision of scraping off Article 370, to which India told China to stay away from other country’s internal affairs.

  • The PM of Lebanon asked for help from other countries and friends to manage the catastrophe.

On Wednesday, a huge explosion happened in Lebanon, which caused a humongous catastrophe all across the country. Till now 70 are reported to be dead and a huge number of people are affected. The government of Lebanon said that the explosion happened due to fireworks around the port.

The Prime Minister of Lebanon on a press conference asked for help from other countries and also asked citizens of other countries to extend their hand to help the Lebanese people deal with the catastrophe.