Indo-China interactions at SCO meet

Defence minister Rajnath Singh and his Chinese counterpart, Wei Fenghe, on the sidelines of the defence ministers’ meet at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) conducted the first high-level political face-to-face meeting between India and China since LAC tensions in May. The much anticipated talk of resolution of peace was however thwarted as China refused the blame of being the reason behind the tensions at Ladakh. However, New Delhi squarely blamed Beijing for the tensions along the LAC over the past four months and said the only way forward was through negotiations – reflecting the impasse created by fresh attempts by Beijing to alter the status quo in the Pangong Lake of Ladakh. The talk that lasted for two and a half hours had the highlight of Rajnath Singh pressing his counterpart to change the status quo across LAC and restoration of peace.


New tapes showing Nixon’s hatred for Indians

President Richard Nixon’s negative feelings towards Indian women is apparent from the tapes from the meeting in the Oval Office on June 17, 1971, that underline his personal racist mindset towards the brown skinned, and highlights his siding with Pakistan and the decision to look away from the genocide by the Pakistani army against the Bengali people in what was then East Pakistan. As the US elections are just around the corner and being compared with the one of 1968, the tapes pose stark significance in the context of the mindset of the former President and its reflection in his attitudes towards international events and actors.



Five men kidnapped by the Chinese army

The Arunachal police has sent a search team to the remote India-China border in the Upper Subansiri district to look into the facts claimed by the relative of one of the five kidnapped men from the Tagin community who were picked up from the jungle near the town of Nacho while they were out hunting. The news has been viral online and has also been published by a local newspaper, based on which the police have taken the step. The Arunachal Times report also said that two other villagers who had accompanied the kidnapped men and managed to escape narrated the incident to the villagers. The police have reported to take the matter seriously as such incidents have happened in the past.


DRDO developing Supersonic STAR sea-skimming target drones for Indian Navy

DRDO has been carrying out Research and Development to develop a STAR (Supersonic TARget) target drones capable to hit Mach 2.4 speed, in order to help surface warship crews practice how to detect and defeat incoming supersonic anti-ship missiles. It uses initially a booster in the first stage and Liquid Fuel Ramjet (LFRJ) engine in the second stage, to simulate sea-skimming cruise missiles by flying at a faster pace than twice the speed of sound and as low as 12 feet off the surface of the ocean. It can be launched from fighter jets or Surface platforms and can also be used to train the Air Defence system of the Air force and Army.


Business at stake with the chaos at border

Foreign Secretary Harsh V Shringla reveals that business cannot continue and the bilateral relationships being affected due to the heightened tension across LAC. He highlights India’s readiness to resolve the matter with talks without the compromise on the integrity of the nation. Amidst such provocations from the PLA, business is suffering between the two nations, showing slim chances of improving before the resolution of the matter.