• China told India not to politicize normal cooperation.

India recently started scanning the Chinese government-run programs in Indian educational institutions. Along with that, the Indian government also scrapped off Chinese language teaching courses and programs from the curriculum list, recently the NEP the teaching of Mandarin language was dropped off. For doing this, the Chinese government asked the Indian government to not politicize normal cooperation.

  • Pakistan is spreading fake news regarding Indo-China face off in LAC.

After the stand-off that took place between India and China around the Ladakh area, a lot of fake news and fake engaging content regarding the Indo-China conflict is prevailing on Social media. A lot of Chinese accounts have come up on social media, which are considered fake and spreading random fake information about the situation prevailing in the LAC. From testifying and studying, it is seen that these profiles are actually made from Pakistan. The Indian government is suspecting Pakistan to ignite a fire between the countries when both are already dealing with a hostile situation.


  • Revenue service officer form Haryana tops civil services examination.

Pradip Singh, a 29 year old revenue service officer, coming from Haryana topped the 2020 civil service examination. A total of 829 candidates appeared for the exam this year.

  • The setting of a special board starts in Indian army headquarters to screen women officers for granting PC.

After the permission was given to the Indian army for providing women army officials permanent commission in the GSL, the Indian army headquarters starts building up a special board that will be screening women officials to grant them a permanent commission.

  • 2S25 Sprut is entering Ladakh as India’s next battlefield tanker.

Considering the clashes happening between the Indian and Chinese army in the Ladakh area, India is planning to bring the 2S25 Sprut. It will be India’s next battlefield tanker used to tackle situations in northern borders.