India plans meetings with Chinese and Russian counterparts to maintain balance.

Despite the tensed situation rising in the LAC area with the Chinese troops, defense minister Rajnath Singh and External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar called for a meeting with the Chinese and Russian counterparts.

Pakistan plans to seize Kargil and Siachen if Indo china war breaks out.

The Pakistan defense analysts suggested the Pakistan Military seize Kargil and Siachen if the Indo-China war breaks off in the LAC area in India. Pakistanis see this as a golden opportunity to seize the areas they think are rightfully theirs.



The US stated China provoked India into the conflict unnecessarily.

The US believes that the Chinese government unnecessarily caused chaos into the Indian territory and caused a feud with them.

India plans to remove the “Jammu and Kashmir” issue from the UN.

India stated that they look forward to taking off the “Jammu and Kashmir” issue from the UN permanently because they think it falls under the “outdated agenda item” category.

Xi Jinping is preparing China for a food crisis after the feud started with India.

Chinese president Xi Jinping started “Operation Clean Plate” for the Chinese people in order to prepare them from an upcoming crisis of food production. Due to the problematic situation with India, China developed a bitter relationship with three of its major food supplying countries- Canada, Australia, and The US.