Trials for upgraded T-72 Ajaya MK2 MBTs started

The T-72 Ajaya MK2 Main-Battle tank has been sent for trials after its up-gradation by DRDO. It has comparison with  T-90 MBT having the same firepower, configuration, and performance.

T-72 Ajaya MK2 possesses high power multi-fuel engine V-46-6 of Russian design, which has 1000 HP capacity modified by CBR. It also features explosive reactive armour mk2. It is further equipped with Israeli TIFCS which is an integral part of the tank to target to 3 kilometres at night.

After the trials, 969 will be upgraded to it though the Indian Army is equipped with 1700 T-72 MBTs.


Communication network project in key forward locations to be implemented

The officials informed that the cabinet committee on security mentions the project to set up a highly secure communication network in Frontier areas including the area along the Line of Actual Control. It will be led by company ITI and its implementation was also signed with the telecom entity, within three years at the cost of 7,796 crores. The project will expand network with high bandwidth.

Indian and China are stuck in a 5 months-long border standoff in the eastern Ladakh. The project will be the source of up-gradation of the existing asynchronous Transfer Mode Technology to multiprotocol label switching technology.



Sittwe port ‘ Chabahar of the East’ to get operationalised

India is going to operationalize the Sittwe port in the Rakshina state of Myanmar in 2021. The Sittwe port is also called Chabahar of the East. It is the part of the Mega Kaladan multimodal transit transport project of India. This development would increase economic development and connectivity. Also, it will improve connections with Myanmar with the transport corridor for shipment of cargo from the Northeastern region of India and eastern ports of India.

A representative of Myanmar will come to India’s information fusion centre for the Indian Ocean region in the area of Gurgaon.


Turkish ship got damaged after its collide with the Greek frigate

The Turkish Kemal Reis frigate underwent severe damage in its collision with the Greek Limnos frigate during the bad weather in the southeastern Aegean and the Mediterranean, when the Turkish ship escorted Turkey’s Oruc Reis Research Vessel.

Greek type Frigate collided with the camel race in the place of helicopter hangar and main deck. Miscalculations of the Turkish captain resulted in a 3 x 1 rift on the Turkish Kemal Reis.


Swachhata Hi Seva campaign

At INS Shivaji inducted some activities from 15 September to 2nd October 2020 under Swachhata Hi Seva campaign. The focus was on the stoppage of plastic and recycling of solid waste. The flora and fauna and in and out of the establishment  was to get cleaned by the family members of all the service personnel and defence civilians and they themselves will participate. On the last day, a tree plantation drive with round 500 saplings was organised to beautify the public gardens at officers and sailors residential areas.