• The fifth round of Corps commander talks happening between China and India regarding LAC standoff.

After the hostile situation occurred in LAC Ladakh, the fifth round of Corps commander talks took place between India and China to sort situations and come to some conclusion. The talks took place in the Moldo side of China between Commander Lt. Gen. Harinder Singh and South Xinjiang Military commander Maj. Gen. Lin Liu.

  • Nepal’s new map discarded by the UN.

Nepal sent a new map to the United Nations mentioning different parts of the Indian territory as their country’s part, but the UN authorities discarded that and said it is invalid since they make their own maps on their own terms. The UN also mentioned that this map would also not be shown on their website.


  • Chinese influence to be uprooted from the Indian education system as well.

After banning all the Chinese apps and putting bans on the import of commodities from China as well, the Indian government will be scrutinizing the influence of China into the Indian education system as well. The Chinese educational institute tie-ups will probably be discarded by the education ministry.

  • Indian Army arranges more boats, tankers, and troops as Chinese troops seem not to leave the territory.

As the Chinese troops seem determined not to leave the country’s territory, the Indian Army arranges for more boats, tankers, and troops to keep situations under control if it escalates. The Indian Air Force is also asked to stay on high alert in order to immediately act if the Chinese troops cross the line and create chaos.

  • Chinese forces arrange for more number of boats and arms in the Pangong lake area.

As the Indian ArmyArmy arranges for more boats and tankers, the Chinese forces also engage into bringing more numbers of boats and forces around the Pangong lake in Ladakh area. They have also set up a new number of camps as per the satellite images provided. They seem very determined not to leave the territory any time sooner. The Indian ArmyArmy is also staying on high alert to deal with the situation.