193rd Gunners day

On 28th September, Gunners day is celebrated because, on this day in 1827, 5 mountain battery equipped with a 2.5-inch gun was raised. Currently, it includes 57 field regiment parts and artillery has strengthened as a dynamic inventory. Artillery, multi-barrel rocket, launchers, ballistic missile, high mobility guns, UAVs,  Mortars precision-guided munitions for the destruction of enemy targets to Radars, and electro-optic devices for locating,  carry out a post-strike damage assessment.

Adoption of new technological advancements assists in honouring sarvatra Izza-O-Iqbal. Under Make in India, modernisation program upgrade is going to enhance the position of the artillery.



The retired Union Minister Major Jaswant Singh met his demise

The team of specialists in the Army hospital in New Delhi made the best efforts to save the life of Major Jaswant Singh (Retd), former cabinet minister of Government of India. He was having sepsis with multiorgan dysfunction syndrome and effects of severe head injury and was admitted on 25 June 2020 in Army hospital. But he passed away on 27th September 2009.



JIMEX 2020: Aim at China

The Indian Navy and Japan are conducting Japan-India Maritime exercise to cause war with China’s people’s liberation army. It is conducted in the Arabian Sea. Indian Navy involves the stealth destroyer Indian Navy ship Chennai, frigate INS Tarkash and fleet tanker INS Deepak and Japanese involves warships of the Japanese Maritime self-defence force: Japanese ship Kaga and guided-missile destroyer, JS Ikazuchi and the helicopter carrier. With these warships of India and Japan and also Boing P-8 Poseidon long-range Maritime surveillance aircraft will bring forth their actions in destroying Chinese surface warships and submarines.


Amid tension with China and Pakistan, focus on Shinku La Tunnel

After the road infrastructure projects of Rohtang pass highway tunnel that is going to start after 10 years of efforts of the border roads organisation by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his visit on October 3, now the target is on the construction of the 13.5-kilometre long Shinku La tunnels the safer, shortest, and the third alternative for the armed forces to reach the areas of Union Territory of Ladakh by linking with Himachal Pradesh. It is amid the border tension with both China and Pakistan in the Himalayas.


India is going to receive 2 VVIP hi-tech aircraft on the 1st of October

On October 1, India will get its two dedicated VVIP hi-tech aircraft as they are set to land in Delhi. After conducting test flights, they will be handed over by Boeing to the teams of Air India engineers and pilots in Indian Air Force. Air India has trained 4 Indian Air Force pilots as they will be operating the customised aircraft.wc