LAC: Indian Army preparing winter deployment of troops

As India China discussion gives no hope for the solution of the crisis, the Indian Army has started preparing troops for winter deployment on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh. China and India have troops on North and South banks of Pangong Tso. Both sides fired 100-200 rounds in the air.

There is no credibility between two sides after an incident in which the clash of the Indian Army with Chinese troops resulted in 20 deaths on June 15.


Defence Minister Rajnath Singh: A strong country must be self-sufficient in the defence sector

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh opines that a strong country must be self-sufficient in defence sector rather than depending on imports for its military equipment. It can heighten “self-respect’ and “sovereignty” of the country. Noticing India’s top global important position, Rajnath Singh mentioned the governments’ decision of restricting the import of 101 weapons and military platforms. This initiative can boost opportunities of opening companies for production.

Also, the Government has passed new labour bills and 3 farm bills to improve their positions.



Quad Nations find a solution for cooperation in the Asia Pacific

After the consultations on regional and global issues on Friday through video conferencing, India, the US department, and Australia also met at the official level and ministerial level. They discussed the cooperation for connectivity, security matters, infrastructure development, and promoting peace in the Indo Pacific region. China has become active in the area.

The officials also realised their support for the leaders-led East Asia summit for the Indo-Pacific.


Upgrade of 90 MI-17 helicopters could not be achieved after 18 years

An upgrade of 90 medium carries MI-17 helicopter of the Indian Air Force could not be achieved after 18 years. ₹223 crore expenditure was seen as not justifiable with restricted life left in 56 whereas 56 helicopters could be phased out as Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and Bharat Electronics limited had to produce  ₹1720 crore price for the up-gradation.

MI-17 and MI-17 1V helicopter had limitations in digital warfare dense battlefield.


Narendra Modi seeking an expanded role in the United Nations Security Council for India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the United Nations general assembly about the position of India as the top UN decision making bodies. He highlighted India’s contribution to the UN non-inclusive foreign policy peacekeeping missions and the respect given to the UN in India. Likewise, Narendra Modi also wants the same respect for India in the UN. He also ensures that India’s vaccine production is for the whole world, but India expects the “expanded role” in the UN.