India Japan Maritime bilateral exercise regarding the West coast of India

 India Japan Maritime bilateral exercise JIMEX, the fourth edition since the series as started in January 2012, is going to be conducted between both sided Navy of India and Japan in North Arabian sea from 26 to 28 September 2020. Its special focus is on maritime security cooperation. Over the years, advanced levels are seen towards open, secure and inclusive Naval cooperation and defence relations between India and Japan.

Turkish and fleet tanker Deepak will represent Indian Navy and JMSDF Ships Kaga self-defence will represent Japanese Maritime self-defence force. Thus, JIMEX 20 will enhance the mutual confidence, cooperation, and bond of friendship between the two navies.


Transfer of Pinaka weapon system from DRDO to DGQA

On 25 September 2020, Authority Holding Sealed Particulars has taken the responsibility of a Pinaka weapon system. Pinaka, a free flight artillery rocket, the range of 37.5 km and is designed and developed by Pune based DRDO lab along with HEMRL, CAIR, and VRDE. DRDO has handed over the weapon system to DGQA. AHSP has contribution in the establishment of Pinaka rockets, battery command posts, replenishment vehicles, launchers, and loader cum replenishment.



Naval investiture ceremony 2020

On the ceremony day of Naval investiture, vice-admiral AK Chawla presented gallantry and non-gallantry awards to meritorious Naval personnel. The ceremony was conducted at Naval Base Kochi on 25 September 2020. Total of 10 medals were awarded. Also, the commander-in-chief declared one “unit stations” and “Jeevan Raksha padak” medal for assured unit and afloat unit under SNC.  50 men guard of honour was paraded—senior dignitaries of Indian Navy witnessed the ceremony following the distancing norms and COVID-19 protocol.


Indigenous artillery gun going back to the drawing board for its barrel burst in a field trial

The advanced towed artillery gun system is a 52 calibre gun system suffered a barrel burst in field trials at the beginning of September, and it injured four army personnel. Where the army proposed procuring 403 guns of the same type, instead the gun might need to go back to the drawing board ensure the reliability of technology of a gun due to the incident. Even DRDO officials were supervising the firing test after which the explode happened. The officials investigating detailed query informed the possibility of inferior quality of metallurgy or not following the prescribed standards.


Completion of the first flight of Tejas FOC-SP-22

After completion of the first FOC SP-21 in March 2020, the first flight of second Tejas final operational clearance block SP 22 has also been successfully carried out on 24 September. Hindustan aeronautics limited chief test flying KA Muthana piloted the flight for around 43 minutes.

HAL ensures possibilities of the first flights of SP-24, SP-25, SP-26 till the third month of 2021. IAF will do breakup of 16 fighters and 4 twin seater trainers and will induct 20 Tejas FOC jets.