1) Supply of HUGIN AUVs from KONGSBERG Maritime to Indian Navy

It has been informed that Kongsberg Maritime, the world leader in deep water AUV systems, is supplying 4 HUGIN AUV survey systems to Engineers and Garden-Reach Shipbuilders Ltd. in order to heighten the Indian Navy’s capabilities. It would help in coastal and deep water hydrographic surveys for assistance in Maritime operations. The four AUVs will be supplied with the launch and recovery systems and containers along with the support and training.


2) HTT 40 aircraft completes 8 turn spin trial

Hindustan Turboprop Trainer (HTT 40) aircraft program is developed by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. It is a tandem seat trainer aircraft having advanced features like multifunction displays and zero-zero ejection seats. This new program has cleared crucial eight turn spins test in Bangalore before its entry in the Indian Air Force. Now the aircraft has gone for the certification.



3) Work of Satish Dhawan at IISc

Satish Dhawan is the pioneer of post independence scientific research in India. He was the third director of ISRO during the time when Indian-designed rocket launched. He also remained the head of IISc where there were 40 departments when he left with the jump of 29 initially. He created first Supersonic wind tunnel in India which helps in finetuning the design of aerodynamic body. The first large-scale “open circuit” wind tunnel was launched at IISc in 1959. It was used by DRDO for the development of Agni ballistic missile design. Again, it has been reported with the task of testing the design of ISRO’s maiden manned space mission- Gaganyan on March, 2020.


4) Australian space agency and ISRO together working on Gaganyan

The Australian space agency has started working with Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Gaganyaan, India’s first manned mission into space. It was a request by ISRO. Australian space agency  was earlier in the mission of NASA’s expedition to the moon, rovers on Mars and communication with deep space probes.


5) Skyroot aerospace cryogenic disclosed engine Dhawan-1 on Satish Dhawan’s 100th birthday anniversary

Satish Dhawan is the third chairman of Indian Space Research organisation (ISRO). On Satish Dhawan’s centenary, space rocket startup skyroot aerospace unveiled Dhawan-1, its cryogenic engine. The cryogenic engine is 3D printed and fuelled by LNG and liquid oxygen.

Also, there are the possibilities of first flight next year of the Vikram 1 rocket.