Successful flight test of ABHYAS

The design and development of ABHYAS are by aeronautical development establishment of the DRDO. It was programmed for a fully autonomous flight along with the checkout done by the laptop-based ground control station. India successfully conducted the flight test of ABHYAS from the Odisha test range. It is integrated with a small gas turbine engine, inertial navigation system and a flight control computer for guidance and control. It was tracked by various electro-optic systems and riders when it was handled by defence research and development organisations from the integrated test range at Chandipur. During the trial, 2 demonstrator vehicles were successfully test-flown.


Tejas SP-22 and SP-23: Ready for the first flight

With the prediction about the completion of trials of the two fighters SP 22 and SP 23 from the Tejas final operational clearance, the two flights are ready for their first flight. HAL’s Aircraft Division is the manufacturer of SP 23, and it is told to ensure building standards similarly for all FOC variants. The particular focus is on the commencement of SP 21, SP 22, SP 23. The first three aircrafts are in the advanced stage for delivery, and SP 24 SP25 SP26 are on the stages of equipping.

The first Tejas FOC fighter SP 21 was produced in 12 months by HAL. It was delivered to the IAF in May, and currently it is going through the software up-gradation and post-delivery checks.



Indian Australia naval drill in the Indian ocean

Indian Australian navies are going to be conducted by passage exercise in the East Indian ocean region. Participation of helicopters from both sides is there, and from HMAS Hobart from the Australian side and Indian naval ships karmuk and Sahyadri are from the Indian side. The exercise would be a noncontact activity and it would be to improve understanding, enhancing interoperability and anterior exercises consisting of seamanship exercises, Vipin findings, cross flying desk operations, and naval manoeuvres. Also, the stage is ready for Australia for India’s next Malabar naval exercise conducted along with the US and Japan. China is very worried of the quadrilateral security. The Navy is on the operation alert in the Indian ocean.



Induction of powerful VT-4 tanks with ultra-modern technology by Pakistan

After recent induction of indigenously produced AI-Khalid-1 Tank, Pakistan army has inducted Main Battle VT4 tank, Chinese origin 3rd generation. It is equipped with advanced armoured protection, firepower capabilities, manoeuvrability and state-of-the-art technology. COAS is appreciated highest training standards, professionalism, and operational readiness,

For being capable of meeting the requirements of the modern-day battlefield.


Crashing of Russian SU-30 fighter in Tver region

The Sukhoi SU-30 is a two-seater supermaneuverable fighter aircraft and has twin-engine. It was developed by Russia’s Sukhoi aviation corporation and the latest version that the Russian forces received SU-30sm. Preliminary reports from the Russian defence ministry explains the incident about the crash of the SU-30 warplane in the forest of Tver region during the scheduled training mission. The pilots had already contacted the military and save their lives by evacuating to their base.

No reason has to be met yet, but the Western military district has sent an investigator to the site.