Attack on Pakistan at UN platforms by India

India launched a multi-pronged attack on Pakistan underlining the fact about Pakistan’s terrorism infrastructure with various examples of violence against human rights activists, journalists, and minorities. It was done at multiple United Nations bodies. The Indian world forum found UNSC intervention against universities in Pakistan ad demand to investigate crimes committed by Pakistan.


Beginning of the production of two guided-missile frigates

Goa Shipyard Ltd has begun the production of the two guided-missile frigates in collaboration with Russia’s yantar shipyard. Delivery is expected by 2026. This production would help the Indian Navy to meet various maritime challenges and to see the significant boost in the indigenous shipbuilding sector in Goa. It would also create employment opportunities as there has been three-fold expand to encourage MSME participation.



Formation of the study group for India-Japan moon mission

For the second moon landing mission- chandrayaan-3 along with the Japan, Indian Space Research organisation (ISRO) has formed the study group. The mission includes the launching of joint lunar mission-Lunar polar exploration by Japan. The launching is expected after 2023 involving the lander and rover. Jackson is providing the information in which their diagram represents the responsibilities of Japan as building of landing module, and the rover but the lander system would be in the hands of ISRO. The aim of the mission is securing factual data about the water quantity from in-situ observations. It is to clear the doubts of the past observational data which anticipated the existence of water. Also, it wants to understand the conditions, distributions, and other parameters of the lunar water resources in the polar sectors.


Support of 4 permanent UN security council  members in India’s bid

 4 permanent members of the UN security council (UNSC) have agreed for support for India’s candidature. India seeks a permanent seat globally.

Demand for increasing permanent membership has been reflected.

Chabahar port located on the Indian Ocean in Baluchistan and Iran’s Sistan is being developed by India Iran and Afghanistan together. It is a good opportunity for the three countries including the Central Asian Nations for trade.


China India border dispute: expectations on Beijing for engagement

The top Army commanders of China and India met at Moldo, on the Chinese side of the LAC. New Delhi expected Beijing to stand down first for disengagement. The commanders met the first time. As winter is going to set on high altitude Himalayan mountain region of Ladakh, there is a failure to resolve. Indian side is expected to have attitude in the wait of China’s disengagement with the policy of  “First in first out”.