1) Identity of the militant killed in Kupwara encounter is Pakistani

A militant named Danish has been killed in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara district who is identified as the Pakistani terrorist. Along with him, Lashkar-e-Toiba commander Naseer-u-din Lone was also killed in the encounter. The killing of the two has been regarded as the justice with the forces because they two were found involved in the execution of 3 CRPF Jawans and an AK-47 rifle of CRPF Jawans has also been recovered from them, which is the proof of their presence at the time of CRPF member killing.


2) The food management system of the Chinese military in the hands of robot cooks

The main motive behind introducing technology in the Chinese military plans is improving the mechanisation, reducing the labour intensity, strengthening intelligence of meal making, and lessening energy consumption of cooking. It is going to be done with the help of energy-saving stoves, cooking robots, and multipurpose steaming ovens under the new version of the campaign of “Clean Plate” started by President XI Jinping.

The revolution is to implement change in the habits of troops to stop the wastage of food with bolstered supervision and inspection.



3) Chandrayaan 2: completion of one year around the moon in orbit and still have fuel for 7 years

Chandrayaan-2, India’s second Lunar Mission, has completed rounds around the moon for one year on Friday as it was launched and inserted into the lunar orbit on 20 August. And still all features are working well and enough fuel is there to get it operated for 7 more years.

The mission was launched to get more and more knowledge about the moon for the better understanding of its origin and evolution with the detailed study of some concepts like mineralogy, thermophysical, topography, and surface chemical composition characteristics and atmosphere. Likewise, during the year, raw data has been downloaded at the Indian Space Science Data Centre (ISSDC) from the payloads.


4) Bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir results in an increased number of terrorists

Bifurcating Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories has deteriorated the security sector in the Kashmir valley as the number of residents joining terrorist groups are increasing day by day. The fact sheet from the ministry clearly shows that 90 locals have joined different terror groups in this year and it seems to double up in the coming months due to bitterness inducing COVID-19 alienation time. Most of them are Kashmiri locals, whose identity is come to know after the identification of their dead bodies in the encounter.

The worst point is that initially, it was easy to know the number of people joined in the terror groups because of the online updating of their missings by family friends or neighbours. Contrarily,  now nobody comes forward.


5) Human fighter pilot defeated by AI algorithm in a virtual dog fight

An AI algorithm beats the US fighter pilot in the simulated F-16 flight combat. It won the five rounds in under 2 minutes by helping pilots during aerial dogfights. The competition was sponsored by DARPA, which is with a mission of exploring developments of artificial intelligence to use it in military applications.