1) Enhanced diplomacy stature of India is the worrying matter for Pakistan

India’s diplomacy stature has enhanced with foresightedness of PM Narendra Modi and his foreign policy. This policy helped to build reliable connections in the Islamic and Muslim countries. Some contribution is of trade and strategic partnership. Even 6 Muslim countries prioritised their civilian awards to the Prime Minister of India.

This relationship has worried Pakistan because earlier it had connections with the Islamic league which are improving with India now. Moreover, Pakistan is losing its charm by international fora with its anti-India movements.


2)Investment in UP defence corridor by German military hardware major Rheinmetall

Rheinmetall Group, German military and security technology major, is the foremost supplier of defence and security weapons, has reaffirmed for the investment in the Uttar Pradesh Defence Corridor. The company has been informed to consider investment sectors. It is investing Rs. 50,000 crore with the private companies has been signed with the Memorandums of Understanding (MoU).



3) Bharat forge is at the final testing stage before the Indian army receives it

Bharat forges developed 4 guns in which one of them has reached the final trial of testing in total 4 trials. Then, it is sold to the Indian army. Kalyani Group has built the first gun, which is the Bharat 52, advanced towed artillery gun system.

It weighs 50 tonnes and around 48 kilometres of firing range having self-propelled ground speed. It has the power to fire 6 pounds in half a minute.


4) First rocket made in India by private sector has been successfully test-fired

Private sectors manufactured the rocket having an agreement with the defence research and development organisation as the contribution in the campaign Make in India. The Indian army has tested the rockets that have been successfully fired. It has achieved an accurate hitting target of 75 km.


5) Central order for the immediate retreat of paramilitary forces personnel from Jammu and Kashmir

The Centre has ordered for the withdrawal of 10,000 troops from J&K. The decision is due to the deployment of CAPF in the union territory taken by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Even other 40 companies of CRPFs would be taken out of Jammu and Kashmir.