Discussion on the IAC-2

India’s IAC-1, Vikrant, is ready for basin trials is expected to be fully operational by 2022. India’s first chief of defence staff General Bipin Rawat informed about any time entry of ISC2 but uncertainty for the approval of third aircraft carrier is there.

Aircraft carriers are of exorbitant cost including their operation and maintenance, and vulnerability to anti-ship missiles. The arguments are about cancelling the strategic asset- IAC2 after the debate on the highest level of national security leadership. But Indian Navy has expectations with the grant of acceptance of the necessity for 3rd carrier.

Instead, strategic analysis suggests maintaining the balance between carriers and submarines in its arsenal.


Ready to launch 4 Indian satellites

 The four fully built satellites- 1) ISRO’s GISAT-1, RISAT-2BR2, GSAT-12R, and Microsat-2A are ready for launch and shipment to the rocket boat. The information is encrypted by a senior official of Indian Space research organisation. GISAT 1 is to lodge at the rocket port in Sriharikota and others are ready for shipment.

Kunhikrishnan informed that India has 52 total satellites up in the sky.



 India-China relationship at risk

The situation between India and China has been deteriorating since the past few months within Rajiv Gandhi’s China visit and a firm military stand of India. A military confrontation between the two nuclear powers is in risky consequences of political and diplomatic hope. Besides, military escalation is becoming the reason for confrontation and conflict.

Now, China has only three choices. The first is confronting and using India’s military and financial resources to defend its Northern border. The second choice is a threat and is difficult to bring fruitful actions from it. It is the option of launching an offensive in the dark to signal medium and smaller States. China is trying to award the intensive farming corporation of India with powers like the United States. Thirdly, a face cover and taking back territorial status quo ante is the option. And India has also assured about not weighing in any action against China’s interest.


Support of US to India during border crisis with China

China is not engaged in contested territorial disputes but also it claims the South China sea.

A senior White House official said that the US provided unshakable support to India during its border crisis with China even in the coronavirus pandemic too. China’s actions on LAC with India has strengthened the importance of US in Indian strategic partnership. It is for the benefit not only of India but for all countries. It is to sharpen the strategic interests and to promote global security instability.


Permission for 74 per cent FDI under automatic route in the defence sector

According to the press note issued by DPIIT, the government has allowed foreign direct investment of around 74% under automatic route in the defence sector. It is done with the view of attracting foreign investments. But overseas investments would be under the scrutiny of national security.

 100% overseas investments can be done in the defence sector for which government approval was necessary except 49% under the automatic route.