1) America solidifying its bond with India

Donald Trump has done something unlikely to happen in the last many years by strengthening the bond of India and the U.S. His partnership with Narendra Modi is assisting in the bilaterally beneficial way while responding to Covid-19 pandemic with mutual interests in rebuilding the global economy. He has bolstered the facet of US-India security and defence cooperation. The United States has been exporting arms to India and have become the second-largest supplier.  Trump’s historic visit to India and PM Modi’s visit to White House had already fostered their relationships to the level of Global strategic partnership. And he was already prioritising their relationships by working hard to expand it throughout some last years. The partnership is expected to continue in the years to come.


2) Launch of a roadmap to export indigenous weapons in overseas markets

Government has made ready a roadmap for the export of weapon systems in the overseas market. Projects made in India are aerial targets, tank ammunition, mountain radars, auxiliary power units, precision ammunition, 3rd generation anti-tank missiles, and others. The plans are expected to use diplomatic channels for the promotion of domestic defence production industry and its developments along with other new draft defence production and export promotion policies in achieving good turnover.



3) A protest note sent by BSF to its counterpart across Bangladesh border regarding cross border crimes

Cross border infiltrated acts took BSF to send a protest note in Bangladesh. On Friday, suspicious movements by 5-6 miscreants had been observed by a petrol party near the international boundary. Even on the challenge of BSF troops, the patrol team was attacked with weapons and daggers. Also, accused of breaking the finger of one of the troop members, smuggling goods, and firing at BSF troops are some mentioned points in the protest letter to send it to Bangladesh border.


4) The unexpected technical complication caused an army helicopter to make emergency landings twice

On Monday, morning army helicopters landed in an emergency two times in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, first at 9 am in the fields of Sancholi village and another in the school playground after a few minutes. The situation was kept under control on the places by forbidding people from going near and allowing them to look at from a safe distance.


5) High-level contact of India and Nepal now after the map controversy

In the virtual meeting on Monday, India’s prime minister Narendra Modi and PM of Nepal, KP Sharma Oli, discussed the India projects of the Himalayan country and changes in Nepal’s political map. The Indian team was led by Vinay Mohan Kwatra, its ambassador to Nepal, and the Nepal team led by the foreign secretary. The data has been collected about the total number of existing bridges, new constructions, and the amount financed by India. After November 2019, it was the first discussion at the senior level to restart the dialogue about the progress of India funded projects which were in the hands of Nepal Since 2001.

Since the map controversy, the first high-level contact was noticed by Oli when he telephoned Narendra Modi on the Independence day.