1)LOC met its new army rifle women

The step of deploying rifle women at an altitude of 10,000 ft and the top of Sadhna of  LOC between India and Pakistan for national security is the first in history done by the Indian army. They are from Assam rifle, and their task includes guarding the road that goes towards the LOC.


2) Prohibition on defence import having intentions regarding the accumulation of indigenous products

With the mission of making India self-reliant, designing, manufacturing, and meeting requirements of defence forces by itself is essential. It can be possible through the barring of import material in which 101 items have been announced to ban in December 2020 and remaining 32 in between December 2021 and 2025 by Ministry of defence through a press release. The second press release indicates the demand for meeting with specification while the production of domestic products by using development capabilities and own designs. Some embargoed items in the list include ammunition, simulators, weapon system, radars, and some others.



3) Approval for expanding NCC in 173 borders, coastal districts

The proclamation for the approval of the proposal demanding expansion of the national cadet corps in 173 bordering areas and coastal districts has been said on 16 August 2020 by defence minister Rajnath Singh. One-third of the total number inducted into the NCC will be girls.


4) Achievement of capturing a terrorist turns with a gallantry honour

Major Clifford Franco D’Souza, an IT engineer and later joined the Indian Army, received accolades for his successful role in uncovering a terrorist during the operation in the Kashmir valley. He has been awarded for his courageous behaviour. Ministers and leaders all congratulated him on social media platforms.


5) Legal possession of arms and ammunition found nearby India Bhutan border

Police told about the recovery of hidden reservation of arms and ammunition from the forest area of Kokrajhar district in Assam on Sunday. Some recovered material is a machine gun with chain, 244 cartridges, three 9 mm pistols, 5 AK-56 rifles with four magazines, and an INSAS rifle with 23 cartridges. Launching of operation was in the afternoon in katlibil and belguri forest.