• A step into Rajnath’s “Atma Nirbharta Saptah”

Several military platforms like the Light Combat Aircraft, Pinaka rocket launchers, and Akash missile systems were included in the negative list of imports.

“It is also highlighted that for a product to be considered as an indigenous system, the percentage of indigenous content has to meet minimum laid down specifications. Hence, manufacturers are also required to ensure indigenisation and decrease import content to the permissible limits,” the Ministry said.

  • Rafale fighter jets practise in Himachal Pradesh

The newly acquired five Rafale fighter jets that are labelled to be “fully operational” and are practising night flying in the mountainous terrains of Himachal Pradesh.

The Rafale jets are armed with Meteor beyond visual range air-to-air missiles that have no escape zones, performing three times better than medium-range air-to-air missiles; MICA multi-mission air-to-air missiles; and SCALP deep strike cruise missile with high accurate seeker and target recognition system.


  • China moves across India’s Lipulekh Pass

China has moved a battalion strength, around 1000 soldiers of PLA near Lipulekh Pass, Uttarakhand. It might be a signal that the Chinese troops are prepared.

Since the agreement to start the disengagement and de-escalation of both the troops, there has been thinning of troops at standoff points, yet disengagement is a work in progress.

  • Trade drops by 18.6% after boycott China call

Since the Galwan clash, India has been brainstorming on decreasing the intensity of Chinese product influx. Total trade with India is slightly less than 18.6 percent drop since the beginning of 2020.

Chinese smartphone’s share dropped to 72 per cent during June. India is also considering measures to prevent trade with South-East Asia.

  • Self-reliance and its drawbacks

The announcement of a negative import list of 101 defence items and the goal of self-reliance faces challenges. The AK-203 rifle, to be produced by the Ordnance Factory Board in Amethi with Russian collaboration – is stuck over pricing issues.

The Light Combat Helicopter and the light transport aircraft, for instance, can be substituted domestically.

The promise of Rs 4 lakh crore to the domestic industry in 5-7 years seems impressive but is also a reminder of the last promise of Rs 3.5 lakh crore under the Make in India scheme.