• Pakistan accuses India of arms buildup.

After the Indian government welcomed the 5 Rafale jets in Ambala, Pakistan stated that India is indulging in disproportionate arms buildup, and this can be an issue behind arms race in South Asia.

  • Australia lends a hand of support to India to deal with Chinese pressure on the borders.

As days pass, Chinese troops seem not to plan to leave the LAC area in India. Hence Australia extended their support to India in order to deal with Chinese forces if situations get out of control.

  • Rohingya refugees caught in Hyderabad imposing as an Indian.

On Friday, one Rohingya refugee belonging to Myanmar was caught by Hyderabad police, who was living in the country as an Indian and benefitting all the government policies and welfare schemes.


  • China sends warning to India for the forceful decoupling of their economic situation.

China said that the forceful decoupling of their economic situations and a clash between both the country’s troops wouldn’t degrade the relationship between the countries. Such a remark was made after India started excluding Chinese influences form the Indian market and also after banning the Chinese apps as well.

  • Ban on import of weapons, which can be made in India.

 After the declaration of Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhigyan, the Defence Ministry of India imposed a ban on the import of weapons, which can be manufactured in India.