• Clarification of LAC can create new disputes says the Chinese envoy.

China is not in favour of clarifying the line of actual control (LAC) because that might create new disputes says the Chinese ambassador to India.

  • Change of dynamics seen in India due to Chinese pressure.

After the chaos created by the Chinese troops, the US official says that India has got the will to fight back against China. The pressure created by the Chinese government will change its dynamics.


  • US election date got postponed.

Donald Trump declared that the election date of November 3 to be postponed in order to stop the process of voting via mail which he thinks is fraudulent.

  • India to send 35,000 extra troops in the Himalayas to tackle the Chinese troops.

After the incident happened in LAC between Chinese and Indian troops, India sent 35,000 troops in the Himalayas to tackle situations and the Chinese army.

  • Strict rules to be implied in the Himachal Pradesh roads after LAC faceoff.

After what happened in the LAC between the Indian and Chinese army the Himachal Pradesh police asked the State government to strengthen the communication and security in the roads of Lahaul –Spiti border and the Kinnaur border.