• Five Rafale jets sent to India from France.

On Monday, five Rafale jets have been sent to India, which will be included in the No. 17 Golden Arrows Squadron of the Indian Air Force at the Ambala air base on July 29. On arrival, they will be operated on, keeping in mind the tense situation happening in the LAC area of Eastern Ladakh.

  • Rahul Gandhi expressed his anger on China entering Indian territory.

On a video blog, Rahul Gandhi, the president of Congress party, expressed his anger about China entering the Indian territory and killing Indian army men. Despite borders being established, this sort of behavior China is showing, and them capturing the Indian land is nothing less than being antinationalist. He said he would state this act as anti national, and he does not care if his political career goes to hell, but he will be truthful about his thoughts.


  • Amidst the clash in LAC with Chinese troops, the Indian army opens Siachen for civilians.

Despite the fuelling feud between the Chinese and Indian army, the Indian army took the decision of opening Siachen and Kumar post in Ladakh. This decision was implemented last year in October when the tourist season was already over, but keeping in mind the current situation existing in Ladakh tourism seems not to stop by any means.

  • China cannot threaten countries and harass them, Pompeo said.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated that China needs to change their tendencies of threatening countries and bully them in the Himalayas. When the world is already fighting with the pandemic, China seems to create its own issues to give its neighbors a hard time like India.

  • India to deploy 45 MiG-29 carrier airborne fighters to the Himalayas to patrol over the China border.

India will be deploying 45 MiG-29 carrier airborne fighters to the Himalayas along with the Naval asset p-8I maritime surveillance aircraft to the Ladakh area surrounding the Chinese border. This is quite a unique decision taken by India because before, nothing much has happened. The Chinese forces seem not to leave the Indian territory, which is creating a tense situation in the LAC area.