• Pakistani forces violating Afghan territories.

The government of Afghanistan reported to the United Nations Security Council that the Pakistani forces are trying to violate their territories by illegal means. The Pakistani Army forces are required to be handled by the security forces in order to keep situations under control.


  • PM Narendra Modi paid tribute to Kargil Warriors.

PM Narendra Modi paid tribute to Kargil warriors on Sunday and cautioned the people of the country to not do anything on this day to demoralize the integrity of armed forces who are serving the country day and night.


  • Islamic flags reported in Karnataka and Kerala.

The UN reported on Sunday that Islamic group flags were spotted in Kerala and Karnataka. An al-Qaeda flag was spotted in Karnataka which indicates that there is a significant number of other Islamic country terrorist organizations that are present in the country.

  • President donated 20 lacs to army hospitals to combat COVID 19.

On Kargil war memorial day, President Ramnath Kovind donated 20 Lakhs for Army hospitals to provide better treatment for COVID 19 to army officials and soldiers.

  • The engine operated drones employed to target clusters of locusts.

The ministry of civil aviation gave permission to fly engine operated drones over Northwestern and southern states to target clusters of locust. Anna University created an aerial vehicle in Gujarat and Rajasthan to kill locusts.