• India appreciated Bangladesh’s stand on supporting J&K as an Indian state.

PM Narendra Modi appreciated Bangladesh’s stand on stating that Jammu and Kashmir is solely India’s state and any issue associated with them is India’s internal matter. This was stated by Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday when Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan tried to bring up the Jammu and Kashmir matter in the discussion and opposed India’s inheritance of J&K.

  • Russian defense minister expected to visit India around the end of the year.

The Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu is expected to visit India at the end of this year. In order to expand India’s defense partnership, the Russian defense minister will be visiting the country and also promised to provide India with top-notch defense supplies amid a standoff with Chinese troops.

  • Indians believe Modi to be a better choice to curb Chinese forces in India.

According to a poll conducted by IANS Cvoter Snap Poll, it seemed Indians are more likely to invest their trust in Narendra Modi to deal with the Chinese war situation happening in the LAC area of Eastern Ladakh.


  • India needs to galvanize international support to de-escalate the current situation in LAC said Moily.

Congress leader M. Verappa Moily stated that India soon needs to galvanize its foreign relations in order to support the de-escalation of the current situation happening at LAC in eastern Ladakh. Mr. Moily said that India cannot give an inch of land or lose more men to the Chinese army who are residing in our territory illegally. The Chinese troops seem to not be bothered and show no sign of leaving the Indian territory.

  • India put restriction orders on Chinese firms to get government contracts.

Considering the conditions prevailing in the Indo-China border around Ladakh, India imposed new restriction orders to prevent China from getting government contracts, own land, or shares in the country as well. On the grounds of defense in India, these laws will be applicable for bidders from countries who share a border with India.