• Defence Minister visited Leh, stating the death of soldiers will not go in vain.

The Defence Minister of India Rajnath Singh visited forward base in eastern Ladakh to deliver a speech to motivate the soldiers fighting with Chinese troops. He stated that the death of our soldiers will not go in vain and no force can take away land from the Indian Territory.

  • Nalsar centre for aerospace and defence laws brought new numbers of courses.

 The centre for aerospace and defence laws, NALSAR, declared that it is going to introduce a better number of courses for students. These courses are solely focused on providing better job opportunities for students. They have introduced new technology-based law courses along with management courses in Aviation, space, telecommunications and a lot more.


  • The Permanent Commission granted to women officers in the army.

The central government took the decision of granting permanent commission to women officers in the army. Now women can play better and diverse roles in the army. The ministry of defence sanctioned an official letter to grant the commission to women officers thereby empowering eligible and capable women officers to serve in the army.

  • Chinese troops still present in the Indian territory.

After the encounter between the Indian and Chinese troops, it seems that the Chinese army is not bothered about leaving the Indian Territory. They have captured the LAC of eastern Ladakh and despite several discussions with the Indian army they seem not to leave the area.

  • India raised the foreign direct investment cap in the defence sector for foreign firms to invest. 

PM Narendra Modi declared that India is raising their foreign direct investment cap in the defence sector to 74% so that foreign companies and organizations can invest in the defence sector of India. The globalization in the investment process is meant to set better relations with foreign countries and also produce better outcomes for the country as well.