• Two Indian army soldiers injured due to a blast in Rajouri, Kashmir

Around the landmine, in Rajouri district of Kashmir, a blast took place, which led to the injury of two army soldiers on Tuesday. S.K. Minjur Rehman and Upadhya Prasad Rajindra were the two soldiers who got injured due to the accident.

  • They are made in India drone launched to help the Indian army in the Ladakh area

A new made in India drone named Bharat was launched on Tuesday in order to help the Indian army to keep an eye on the eastern Ladakh border where the Chinese army has been causing chaos. This drone is designed to identify problematic situations and report accordingly; it can also survive in extremely difficult situations.


  • To manage with Chinese threats at LAC mountain strike corps are being revived

Ever since the hostile situation has been created around the eastern Ladakh area in LAC, the Indian government is trying to keep everything under control by guiding the Indian army. In order to manage situations and also stop Chinese army attacks, Mountain corps are being revived.

  • Indian and US army conducted operations jointly on the Indian Ocean

The Indian and US Navy conducted joint operations on the Indian ocean today to navigate tense political relations with Beijing.

  • Chinese forces refuse to leave, still present at the Finger 5 area of Pangong Tso in Ladakh

After the military talks between both the military forces, Chinese troops still seem not to leave the Indian territory. They are still present in the Finger 5 area of Pangong Tso in eastern Ladakh