Indian Army Captain drowned


Indian Army Captain of 10 PARA Special forces drowned in a lake while conducting a training exercise in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The training exercise was being conducted to rescue people stuck in water or flood. Captain Ankit Gupta was a part of a Desert warfare specialized unit of 10 para. The team jumped into the water of Kaylana Lake from a helicopter, all others came up except the deceased captain.

The initial search was done by the teammates after which senior Army officials were called. Police also rushed to the spot after getting the information. SDRF personnel and divers were launched to locate the officer.

The unfortunate incident occurred just a month and a half later the marriage of Captain Ankit. To complete his training, he came back after spending a little time with his family.




Upgraded version of Sukhoi 30Mki


Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), a state owned company is planning to upgrade the 200 aircraft fleet of Sukhoi 30 Mki.

Following are the upgradation being done in the aircraft:

Uttam AESA Radar: The radar was built for indigenous fighter aircraft Tejas. Several design changes were done to augment the bigger Antenna. After the completion of the feasibility study, the radar has been accepted by the Indian Airforce.

New Search and Track Technology:

To increase the flying and hitting range, precision, and reliability of upgraded Sukhoi, an Infrared Search and Track Technology has been developed by Bharat Electronics Limited.

Advanced Cockpit:

High resolution LCDs equipped with multifunction control panel, wide range Head up displays, and an Artificial Intelligence system known as Voice Activated Control System (VACS) with 98% speech recognition accuracy for an Indian Speech, these are the main upgradations in the cockpit.

Flight Control Display:

It is also known as Digital Flight Control Computer (DFCC). Equipped with more enhanced capabilities, the present indigenous Mission Computer will be replaced by HAL. The new DFCC will have more processing power.

New Self Protection Jammer:

At present Israeli and Russian based jammers are mounted on Su30-MKI. To replace this, the Defence Avionics Research Establishment (DARE) is inventing an indigenous jammer.

Air to Airpower:

Sukhoi initially was equipped with R77 & R27 Long and Medium Range Air to Air missiles.  After the development of indigenous air powers like the Astra Mk2 and Brahmos, India is becoming self-reliant in this domain of conventional warfare. The development of Astra Mk3 will further enhance the firepower of Sukhoi.

Bangladesh border along the state of Meghalaya fenced


According to a top Border Security Force official, the 70 percent border along the Meghalaya is now fenced. The remaining 13 stretches will be fenced soon but permission from the Bangladeshi counterpart of BSF, the Border Guards Bangladesh is needed.

“The matter has been taken up to them, and we are hoping that we will get clearance very soon after which the remaining borders will be fenced,” BSF Inspector General Hardeep Singh.

As such there are no military camps or outfits active across the border in Bangladesh. The fencing is being done in order to prevent the smuggling of drugs, beef, cows, etc.



Rafale will show its power on Republic Day


French origin fighter aircraft Dassault Rafale will be a part of flypast on the Republic Day parade. It will be the occasion of 72nd Republic day when the IAF will be flying over Rajpath. Due to the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the republic day celebration would not be the same as usual. The Chief Guest invited for the parade, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is not attending the parade as the new mutated strain of the virus has spread its leg in the UK.