Acquisition of made in India carbine for meeting urgent requirements

Ahmed China border situation, Indian defence forces considered the acquisition of made in India carbine meet the argent requirements about the proposal of importing carbons to fructify.

Officials carried out the preliminary trials of the weapon.

The overall requirement is around 3.5 lac carbines but acquiring will be of 94000 weapons under fast track procedures. the decision was taken after considering for not acquiring the carbon from the foreign countries.


Importance of Gilgit baltistan for India

Gilgit Baltistan is a part of larger Kashmir and is in the administrative control of Pakistan so known as  Pak Occupied Kashmir. But India presents its right it over the area as the population residing over there is Indian. India wants to regain its territory offer 72971 square kilometre with the population of 12.5 lakh (2013 data). The official language of the areas is Urdu.

The baltis of gilgit baltistan envy with baltis of tuktuk the area of under Indian control.

The segment is strategically important for India so it would undermine the Chinese influence. It will disturb to the China Pakistan economic corridor.



Bridle path near Kala Pani area, Uttarakhand

The Nepal Army has built a 550 metre patch on the bridal path. The Dharchula Chhangru bridle path has connected Nepal tinkar and  Chhangru, the two villages. The Nepal Army completed the project in 4 months with 45 labourers and 60 Army personnel in which one soldier lost his life. the dependence on this path are 90 families in Chandru and 60 in tinkar.

Earlier, the bridle path was washed awayand people started using Indian route to reach their villages. But this new construction has paved the way.