Russian air to air missile tests: New capabilities for Flanker and Felon

Russia is going to introduce new air to air missile capabilities to a Su-57 Felon with new variants of the R-77 medium-range air to air missile family and a Su-35S fighter jet of the flanker series with a very long range R-37M. Model of the SU-57 is not clear. The second one appears the improved version of the R-77, the K-77M, and under the right-wing, carries the similarity with ramjet-powered Izdeliye 180-PD. Asia is working hard to out-range current Western counterparts.


FATF set to discuss Pakistan’s grey list status

A virtual meeting has been scheduled for October 21-23 for the financial action task force to decide on Pakistan grey list status. The action will be based on Islamabad’s performance, meeting the commitments against terrorist financing and money laundering.

In the efforts of excluding from the grey list, Pakistan imposed financial sanctions on 88 terror groups.



DRDO successfully flight tested SMART to strengthen Maritime capability

DRDO has successfully flight-tested supersonic missile assisted release of torpedo (SMART) for Anti-submarine warfare at the Wheeler Island off the coast of Odisha. All mission objectives have been met, and the tracking stations have monitored all the events.

DRDO laboratories have developed all the technologies required for SMART. The launch and demonstration have a significant role in strengthening submarine warfare capabilities amid the standoff with China.


Mig-29 and Sukhoi-30 taking part in IAF Day parade rehearsal

For 88th IAF day, established in 1932, on October 8, the Indian Air Force conducted the rehearsal parade with the participation of the newly inducted Rafale fighter jets. The aircraft- Tejas LCA, Mig-29, Jaguar, and Sukhoi-30. And IAF’s helicopter fleet like  ALH- Mark-4, Mi17V5, Mi-35, Chinook, and Apache also performed a flypast.


ISRO planning to launch new SSLV rocket

Before December 2020, the Indian Space Research Organisation is planning to launch the new rocket small satellite launch vehicle. Test will be done in November. The development cost is about rupees 120 crore.

SSLV will be carrying the first satellite,142 kg Microsoft-2A for launching demonstration. The satellite meets the user demands for urban and rural management, cartographic applications at cadastral level, utility mapping, coastal ladies and regulation, and other graphic information system applications.