Changes needed in the Indian defence Ministry

The Indian Defence Ministry has an annual budget of around 66 billion USD. The defence ministry was formed after Independence and has seen an expand in organisations to safeguard the border.

Indian defence ministry needs to be in the hands of Defence officials rather than bureaucrats as like other Nations for better threat assessment.

The current situation of the defence ministry raises many questions such as on the move from existing spot to border areas and Chinese gathering supplies.

Other problems faced by armed forces procurement and delays so deciding which armed forces and which production needed should be hands of ministry of defence.


Indian and French satellites tracing illegal spillage of oil by ships

French space agency provides information that Indo-French maritime surveillance satellites will be tracing illegal spillage of oil by ships on the Indian Ocean region. India will be monitoring centre that will help to detect oil slicks and trace their origin too with frequent visits. “Trishna”, a precise thermal infrared observer, is a part of Indo-French satellites fleet. Moreover, France and India are collaborating on the Gangnyaan, and France will also be the part of the mission to Venus planned by ISRO.

ISRO and CNES are also in operation for other climate monitoring satellites together.



F21 for India’s use- offer by Lockheed Martin

The leadership of Lockheed Martin with interaction with The Sunday Guardian emphasising along with the expectation of future partnership for the use of F-35 said that F-21 aircraft will go to Indian Air Force. Lockheed Martin and India have an established, and trustworthy aerospace and defence footprint more than three decades in the country long and strategic collaboration.

However, F-21V is the rebadged copy of F-16V, so it is a matter of concern. But it has unique capabilities including advanced APG-83 active electronically scanned array, LAD, advance EW system, and some others, which make it faster right choice for battlefields.

Also, only if IAF contact 400 plus aircraft, F 21 will be only of India and not any other country. Besides, the government was decided to scrap the offset policy as the demand for f21 is increasing.


Russia working on common approaches with the Indian Pacific ocean

On the occasion of 20 years of the strategic partnership between India and Russia, Russia’s envoy Nikolay Kudashev said that his country is working on common approaches with Indian for the development of Pacific and Indian oceans.

They now find solutions together. India sent hydrochloric to Russia and Russia sends covid vaccine Sputnik 5 to India.


Deployment of India’s ballistic missile defence phase 1 in 2022-23

After testing of India’s indigenous ballistic missile defence in phase 1 program, it will be deployed by the end of 2022 in New Delhi. DRDO and IAF have sent plans for governments approval for installing the missile in the national capital area. Phase one of ballistic interceptor missiles includes Prithvi defence vehicle similar to the American third and ballistic missile defence system. PDV has the power to hit something coming from 3000 km distant from the interceptor launch site.

DRDO in phase 2 ballistic interceptor missile includes the development of two new interceptor missile called AD-1 and AD-2 that will be ship/truck-based mobile missile system.