An Anti-RF Tech a counter drone solution?


Pakistan based anti-national elements and smugglers are using rogue drones to smuggle arms and drugs along the international border along Rajasthan, Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir. The primary motive of these militants and smugglers is to destabilize the law and order situation in the peace loving country. The Border Security Force of India has the responsibility to guard border along the Pakistan and Bangladesh mainly. Thus, the force will soon be equipped with new technology to counter such smuggling of drugs and arms.

As alerted by Intelligence agencies, these illegal activities can do potential harm to internal and external security. Hence to counter the drone systems new technology system is under process.

Anti-Radio Frequency (Anti-RF) transmission system will help Border Security Force (BSF) to control ongoing menace by allowing them to break the link of drones operated by the handlers across the border.

According to official source, live trials of the Anti-RF system has been successfully conducted and the second pilot run has just completed. The reports will be finalized which is to be delivered to Ministry of Home Affairs and probably after that to the Ministry of Defence Affairs.  While conducting trials, various aspects like solution testing, drone or target detection, etc. has been covered.

Basically, an anti-RF is system is nothing but a system which will break the radio frequency, an invisible wave form on electromagnetic spectra, which controls these drones remotely.

To operate a drone remotely, two objects are important, transmitter and receiver. Transmitter send a message, on the other side, receiver captures it. These objects need to be tuned in on same frequency to give a command to a drone.

In the past month various drones has been captured by the security forces mainly in Punjab border. A set of AK-47 rifle with a magazine and 30 cartridges, 11 Arges and 84 hand grenades has been recovered in Gurdaspur. BSF is protecting more than 3000 km border. In order to safeguard borders from such activities different private drone developing companies and counter drone firms are working to get the solution.