ToT or CKD for Dassault Rafales?


Along with Direct Government to Government (G2G) deal for purchasing 114 units of Dassault Rafale, 4 more Rafale fighter jets are to be added to India by the end of October. MOD and GOI are looking for small order numbers and less contract price that do not exceed $25 billion as its manufacturing will be under state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited rather than French manufacturing. Ordering 36 more fighter jets is also the possibility.

There is yet to decide between pushing the complete Transfer of Technology (ToT) and doing the Complete Knock Down (CKD) rather than licence building from raw material stages. Complete ToT can also cost more.


2022: Indian military to get 5 theatre commands


It is expected that the Indian military will be reorganised under 5 theatre commands by 2022 and it has started with Pakistan specific Western command and China-specific Northern command. Narendra Modi expects the theatre commands to be like the ones of China and the US have.

The northern command’s remit will start from the Karakoram Pass and the Western command’s remit will begin from Indira Col on Saltoro Ridge in the Siachen Glacier region. The latter’s HQ may be in Jaipur. The third command is going to be the peninsular command and the fourth, a full-fledged air defence command. And the last, the fifth is a maritime command.



Induction of INS Kavaratti


On October 23, the Indian Navy has inducted the INS Kavaratti in Visakhapatnam. Army chief General MM Naravane is for ship commissioning.  3400-tonne anti-submarine warfare is the result of indigenous defence efforts. It is designed by the Directorate of Naval and built by the Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers.

2 stalled projects are still under development trials and 4 warships are not fully functional that were commissioned between 2014 and 2020.



Interpretation of Myanmar submarine deal as the counter move against China’s growing influence in India


The submarine deal of India with Myanmar for the training of soldiers has been interpreted as the move to counter Chinese influence in Southeast Asia. Chinese experts claim it is a provocation to disrupt China’s relationship with other regions. The submarine renamed as UMS Minye Theinkhathu is retired and outdated Marin for India but Myanmar needs the same to train its soldiers.


Myanmar Army launching operation Sunrise-3


Myanmar Army has launched operation Sunrise-3 for the crackdown of insurgent groups at the Indo Myanmar border.  Various NSCN groups are under the plans of attacking Indian security forces in the NorthEast region. Around 13 Myanmar Army soldiers lost their lives in clashes. Insurgent groups are flourishing by recruiting more youth due to the unemployment caused by the covid-19 pandemic.


“Silk Road” businesses affected by China-India tensions


Upcoming winter with snow and landslides cut the connectivity between villages and the national capital Leh. But the track between the historical silk route and the villages did not shut down and rather it boosted the trade of border villages. It is even the way of living for Ladakh people without interruption. However, India-China tensions have affected Indian traders. Although some traders are buying inferior Chinese-labelled products from Indian cities, they are defying the rules of the market.