Defence minister-level talks of India and US


US Defence Minister T Esper and India’s minister Rajnath Singh hold the meeting on Monday. It is the third edition of 2+2 ministerial dialogue. The topic to be discussed is regional bilateral and global issues and China’s activities in the Indo Pacific region and behaviour in eastern Ladakh. Then, the secretaries will hold 2+2 talk on Tuesday to cover defence and security ties and global and regional issues.

The meeting is with the expectations of finalising the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) to boost bilateral defence ties.

According to the US government, the largest fleet of C-17 and P-8 aircraft are maintained by India. and Washington authorised more than 20 billion in defence sales to India in 2020.


New road in Nathu La sector


Defence Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated a new road in Nathu La sector and Sikkim via video conferencing from the 33 Corps headquarter in Sukhna. The road serves as the link to bolster social-economic development and defence preparedness.

Nathu La is the designated meeting point for China’s people’s liberation army and the Indian Army as it is at the LAC.

BRO fulfilled its commitment of delivering quality infrastructure in optimal costs and scheduled time- for which Rajnath Singh complimented.



Indigenous Sharang Gun System at LPR Khamaria


Long Proof Khamaria (LPR) conducted the study of pressure waves from Sharang Artillery Gun System that is indigenously made under ‘Make in India’ and of 45 calibres. The study says it unique exercise and informs that the differential pressure should always be positive. Also, the conventional pressure management system cannot measure the exact location, so the special senses will be fixed exactly above locations.

LPR team by the Indian agency successfully carried out a test firing of each round and providing additional instrumentation. The data is under the process at IIT Kanpur for the actual built up of pressure.


Acquiring strategic land near Sumdorong Chu flashpoint


The defence ministry is moving ahead with the plan of controlling over 202.563 acres of strategic grazing grounds near Sumdorong Chu flashpoint- near Lungro La pass, in Bomdir village-17 km from Tawang town for the development of New Defence infrastructure nearby the Chinese border. It has a population of around 250 people and the defence ministry has taken the authority of the field under appropriate acts. Defence ministry sent the request for the acquisition earlier this month to the Department of Land Resources under the Rural Development Ministry.

General Bipin Rawat has asked the three services to put a curb on all peacetime activities for the soldiers deployed on Ladakh borders. And they need to be ready for the worst-case scenario.

Indian Army is stuck in a standoff with China and the deployed troops are in the wait of the last shipment of face masks and polar winter clothing arriving by the first week of November from US Army own reserve Stocks. Despite all, the Indian Navy is expected to focus on Andaman and Nicobar Island rather than concerning about PLA deployments off the coast of Africa.