Project 75-India: the MoD to issue tender for 6 more stealth submarines


The Ministry of Defence is set to issue the formal tender for the construction of 6 new-generation stealth submarines. The second state of the tendering process is the issuance of RFP. Anytime the formal tender is expected to state the request for proposal (RFP). It was scheduled to get released soon to the shortlisted companies. It has already undergone the process of legal vetting.

 Project 75-India will be done under the strategic partnership model policy. The project is worth $7 billion.



Gaganyaan Mission: Indian Astronauts set to enter the last phase of training in Russia


4 Indian astronauts under the training programme at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre are all set to enter the last phase of the training module in Russia. The shortlisted candidates to go to space under India’s Gaganyaan Programme are scheduled to return in March 2021.

The training program will be complex. The astronauts should pass the test in the hyperbaric chamber module and GCTC centrifuge.

The astronauts have completed the training for short term weightlessness mode. They have also learned to lift aboard a helicopter from module landing point.

After coming back from Russia, their training is likely to be in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Pune.



Indian Army and Air Force successfully launch BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missile


On November 26, Indian Army and Indian Air Force conducted one test each of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands territory. And finally, the rocket successfully completed the tests.

India also successfully test-fired the land-attack version of the missile on 24 November. The Indian Navy carried out the test firing from its warship INS Chennai too in the last month.

The BrahMos missile is the world’s fastest operational system in its class. DRDO has recently extended its range from 298 to 450km. It is a potent weapon for all three armed forces.



Indo-US defence ties


India and the US have been maintaining a good relationship on defence and security relations. India is expecting from the Biden administration that it will implement the Defence Technology Trade Initiative.

The third India-US 2+2 meeting last month stressed the interoperability of two countries. The US wishes to commit India’s Defence and security. India has signed the four fundamental agreements enabling Indian missiles to hit targets with accuracy. Moreover, agreements permit India to purchase US armed drones.

The joint venture is enhancing the co-development, co-production, and make in India initiative.

Russia is the sticking point in India-US DSR. 80% of the military equipment and platforms are of Russian origin. The problem with Russia is that it has intensified defence cooperation with China and Pakistan too. And the US wishes to put distance between India and Russia military hardware.


India with more trilateral naval exercises


There are 2 new trilateral naval exercises. One among India, Australia, and Indonesia and another is India-Australia bilateral naval exercise AUSINDEX, in which France is keen to join. India’s growing up capacity in the Indian Ocean region is attracting many countries. The discussions are under the way on how to take the lead forward.

The decision would be based on operational commitments. India has expanded its military to military engagement with Australia and France on a bilateral level.

Australian High Commissioner Barry O’Farrell called for last year’s trilateral maritime security workshop to identify new ways to collaborate with the three countries.


Indian Navy inducts two American Predator drones on lease


The Indian Navy has inducted two American Predator drones on lease. The induction has been done under the emergency procurement powers granted by the Defence Ministry.

 Its work is to carry out surveillance in the Indian Ocean Region. The drones would be deployed in Eastern Ladakh along the LAC.

India and America are working closely during the ongoing conflict between India and China.

They have also signed the fundamental agreements for cooperation in defence and national security sector. The leasing is under the Defence Acquisition Procedure-2020 (DAP-2020) and Defence Procurement Manual-2009 (DPM-2009).


Sweden starts onboarding India’s Venus orbiter mission “Shukrayaan” to explore the planet


Sweden started onboarding India’s Venus orbiter mission “Shukrayaan” with payload to explore the planet. There will be research on how the charged particles from the Sun interact with the exosphere and atmosphere of the planet. The mission will bring collaboration between IRF and ISRO.

SARA had 2 sensors. One was the instrument measuring the flow of ions in the solar wind, and the other was a detector for energetic neutral atoms.

The Indian space agency has shortlisted 20 space-based experiment proposals for its Venus mission to study the planet. The round orbit Venus is expected to be 500×60,0000 km.

India’s ambition is to explore the universe, planets, and sending humans to space.