India US hold Defense Minister Level Talks

          A meeting between US secretary of defense Mark Esper and Indian defense minister Rajnath Singhstarted today in Delhi. Bilateral issues including the Chinese aggressive posture is expected to be discussed. The last of the four military communication foundation agreement  BASIC EXCHANGE & COOPERATION AGREEMENT FOR GEOSPATIAL COOPERATION (BECA) is expected to be signed. This largely pertains to geospatial intelligence sharing and sharing of maps and satellite images. This agreement would would  give India access to US maps for greater accuracy of stand-off weapons like cruise and ballistic missiles.

Army Commanders Conference

The four day apex level biaanual event has commenced in Delhi today. The top heirarchy will discuss and review the present Ladkh crisis besides formulating important policy decisions through collegiate deliberations.


US Presidential Polls : Impact on India

In the context of the Chinese belligerence, the Indo-US relations is one of the most significant bilateral ties with specific reference to economics, strateigic and social issues. While Trump may be willing to be more aggressive against China, Biden is likely to adapt a CONTAINMENT WITH ENGAGEMENT POLICY. Historically The claim that Republican presidents are pro India may not be entirely true as Presidents from both parties have favoured India in the past. India will have to calliberate its options depending on the outcome of the Presednetial election results


The new space policy to be issued by the DEPT OF DEFENSE will permit Indian private companies, foreign companies and encourage FDIs to establish facilities in the country. The proposed policy will enable foreign based firms to engage in a host of space related activities, to include making satellites, manufacturing launch vehicles and use Indian space ports in case they invest through FDI.

            The space sector being crucial to National security will entail strict compliance by these entities on all guidelines and protocols issued. The IN- SPACe (Indian Bational Space Promotional and Authorisation Centre) which will soon be operational will crystallise the entire plan.