Progress of BrahMos program: funds yet to be available


The program acquiring medium-range supersonic BrahMos cruise missiles is in progress, but enough funds for it are yet to be available. It has become a challenge. The missile has been jointly developed by Russia and India. When the Philippines would acquire the missile depends on when the funds would be made available.

There are plans to acquire two batteries of the BrahMos cruise missiles with 3 autonomous mobile launchers in each battery. The procurement can be via “government-to-government mode”.  Then, the missiles can be utilized to fulfil the Philippine Army’s coastal defense missions.


Brahmos demonstrates three-way point curve maneuvers in the trial


On November 25, the BrahMos trial was conducted, and it was a complex mission with three-way points. The missile hit the target after making 3 curves at the speed of 1 km per second. Indian Army has successfully test-fired the land-attack version of a supersonic cruise missile from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It was fired from a mobile launcher.

It is a part of a user training exercise, and the missile was randomly selected.

The weapon system has empowered IAS with its land attack and anti-ship capability. It is a 9-metre long missile. It can carry a conventional warhead. Its range has been extended to 450 km from 290 km. BrahMos is the cruise missile with advanced capabilities and India is the first to have the regiment of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles.



Customized Dhruv Mk-III Advanced Light Helicopter ready for delivery to Indian Navy and Coast Guard


The first batch of the Advanced Light Helicopter Mark-III variant “Dhruv” has been customized for coastal security and is ready for delivery to Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard. It would be a landmark event. The IN and ICG have till now only operated older Mk1 variant.

The IN ordered 16 coastal security, and ICG inked 32 of them in March 2017. HAL hopes the delivery of 5 coastal security helicopters at the end of November 2020. They are, especially for the shore-based role.

6 out of 16 ALH will be equipped with indigenous low-frequency dunking sonar that is developed by Kochi-based Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory.

The selection of customization and systems was made in the consultation with ICG.


Approval to joint military logistics nodes to run theatre commands


The government has formally approved the joint structures to handle logistics in the 15 lakh strong armed forces. It is towards introducing integration among the three services and the creation of unified theatre commands.

The first 3 joint logistics nodes (JLNs) at Guwahati, Mumbai, and Port Blair will handle small responsibilities like rations, arms, and ammunition for the Army, Navy, and IAF to ensure the less cost of operations. The arrangement and structure have been formalized by these experimental JLNs.

General Bipin Rawat, Chief of Defense Staff, has got the responsibility of guiding genuine synergy in operations among the Navy, Army, and IAF.

The geographical theatre commands will have the next turn. They will include a maritime command in India, 1 or 2 commands to handle China, and 1 or 2 commands for the western front with Pakistan. They will become operational in the next 2-3 years.

Currently, India has only two unified commands but 17 single-service commands.


Indian Navy inducts two American Predator drones on lease


The Indian Navy has inducted two Predator drones from an American firm on lease. The induction has been done under the emergency procurement powers granted by the Defense Ministry. The induction is in the view of India-China border conflict.

These are to carry out surveillance in the Indian Ocean Region. They can also be deployed in Eastern Ladakh along the Line of Actual Control.

India and America are working very closely during the conflict. They have also signed the foundation agreements for cooperation in defense and national security sector. The option of leasing is under the Defense Acquisition Procedure-2020 and Defense Procurement Manual-2009.