Students Help in Building Road for Indian Army.

            Ladakh valley students who are at home due to the ongoing Pandemic have been constructively engaged in augumenting the resources for bridge construction for the Army. When completed this bridge will shorten the connectivity between Ladakh and Himachal making it a GAME CHANGER in the security perspective especially in the light of the Eastern Ladakh stand-off with the Chinese.



Adverse Impact of Trumps Restrictions on Foreign Staff

            President Trumps executive order restricting entry of skilled foreign worker of the H-1B & L-1 visa category has inflicted an estimated loss of 100 billion  dollars besides long term adverse impact on these industries.


Indian Army brings down Drone

            The Indian Army shot down a Chines made drone being employed by Pakistan to drop arms and ammuntion into India in the Keran Sector of the Kashmir valley. The consignment dropped consisted of 3 AK-47s, 28 pistols and 6 M-16 rifles.