Next Generation Variant of Akash Surface to Air Missile System to be tested in 2021


The first development test firing of Akash Surface to Air Missile System developed by DRDO is going to be done in the first half of 2021. It is a next-generation variant of this indigenously developed missile system, without borrowing any component from the current Akash system. It is going through the building phase.

Akash-NG is equipped with AESA based Seeker and 3D AESA Radar. It will also have a canister based launch system.

Moreover, It is the third fully indigenously developed Air Missile system after QRSAM.


Varunastra: DRDO launched a heavyweight torpedo


After Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) delivered the first Varunastra, a heavyweight torpedo to the Indian Navy, DRDO flagged off the delivery. It was done at the ceremony held at Visakhapatnam unit.

Naval Science and Technological Laboratory, Visakhapatnam designed and developed the torpedo. BDL is manufacturing it indigenously for the Indian Navy.

BDL is the production agency for the Astra Air-to-Air missile system.



Bharat Forge looking for hovercraft after building artillery guns and combat vehicles


Bharat Forge is looking for building hovercrafts after artillery guns and combat vehicles. It has decided to become the first company in India that manufactures hovercraft indigenously. This Pune based company first time will enter into water-based solutions after the land and air-based answers for civilian purposes and defence.

The work on the hovercraft construction is at the design stage. Otherwise, the Indian Coast Guard uses 18 hovercraft. Hovercrafts are usually capable of travelling over mud, land, water, ice, and any other surfaces.

Besides, Bharat forge has signed four MoUs at the defence Expo 2020. The company announced to collaborate with General Atomics to develop new technologies, Paramount Group for a joint venture in India to co-develop aerospace platforms and land system, JSC Dastan to upgrade CET-65E torpedoes, and the fourth with BEML to develop mounted gun systems.



SITMEX 2020: The Naval Exercise between India, Singapore, and Thailand begins


SITMEX-2020, the 2-day long exercise, started in the Andaman Sea on November 21. It involves India, Singapore, and Thailand. The exercise aims to enhance interoperability and understanding maritime operations.

INS Kamorta and INS Karmuk represented the Indian Navy. RSS Endeavour and RSS Intrepid represented the Republic of Singapore Navy. And HTMS Kraburi represented the Thailand Navy.

Narendra Modi had announced the conduct of this trilateral naval exercise between three countries during his address at Shangri-La-Dialogue in June 2018.



24th edition Malabar 2020 enhances the interoperability of four nations


The 24th edition of the Malabar series concluded in the Arabian Sea on November 22. When the senior commander of the Indian Navy noticed the actions of navies against China in the ocean, he said that the Malabar 2020 wargames had bolstered interoperability among the four naval forces.

The US, India, Japan, and Australian naval forces have proved their joint ability across many missions. Malabar 2020 is a great success as the navies have achieved a higher level of interoperability. The complex exercises also enhanced synergy and mutual understanding.