Elon Musk’s SpaceX thinks to bring Starlink satellite broadband to India by 2021

Elon Musk’s aerospace company SpaceX  Technologies is considering to bring Starlink satellite broadband, the satellite Internet service to India by 2021. It has also suggested the Indian government to upgrade the policies to allow the operating of satellite-based broadband technologies in India. The suggestion was the reply to the consultation paper by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). TRAI also wants to change the broadband infrastructure for the availability of high-speed internet everywhere.

Starlink satellite services are in the US, not in India. It wants to expand its area. It is a constellation of 4400 NGSO satellites for high-quality internet to receivers on any location in India.



Need for the end of terrorism operating across Durand line for peace in Afghanistan, India says at the UN

India told the United Nations in Arria Formula Meeting that Afghanistan could acquire peace and stability only when there is an end in terrorism operating across the Durand line. India indirectly referred to Pakistan’s activities of terrorism at the 2,640-kilometre border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The speaker clears that violence and peace cannot go hand in hand.

Terrorist attacks continuously target institutions of learning. Even the hit by covid-19 to Afghanistan has also worsened the situation. But since 2001, India has committed more than USD 3 billion for the development in Afghanistan.



IAF helps Sri Lankan women pilots to set something new in history

The first women pilots, Pavithra Gunaratne and Rangana Weerawardhana became the first woman pilots in Sri Lanka Air Force. They expressed their gratitude to the Indian Air Force for its help to benchmark in military history in the island nation.

Weerawardhana was awarded the Sword of Honour for outstanding performance. The two women have been selected among 53 candidates.



The Exercise Malabar terminated on November 21 with the success of India’s Ministry of Defence

On November 21, the Exercise Malabar has been terminated with the great success of India’s Ministry of Defence.

The American and Indian capital warships with P-8I maritime reconnaissance aircraft and Scorpene submarine will be trained with the best-equipped navies of the world. But there is a concern in South Block about the navies’ 140-odd warships which are facing severe shortages in helicopters, sonar equipment, and torpedoes. The aircraft carriers participated in Malabar without “advanced towed array sonar” (ATAS) which limited their effectiveness.

Sonars have been in severe shortage for a long time due to the reason that the Navy keeps on changing the warships on which sonars are to be installed.

Amid the tensions with China, the Navy urgently needs torpedoes. So, New Delhi has urged Atlas to get ready the remaining 32 torpedoes quickly. Recruitment has been delayed after the completion of technical evaluation.

Noticing the delays in the construction of submarines with air-independent propulsion, the navy thinks to upgrade and give life cycle extensions to the existing ones.

30th India-Thailand Coordinated Patrol

On November 18-20, the 30th edition of India-Thailand Coordinated Patrol (Indo-Thai CORPAT) between the Indian Navy and Thai Navy was held. Indian Naval Ship Karmuk represented the Indian side, and His Majesty’s Thailand Ship Kraburi represented the Thailand side.

CORPAT is carried out twice a year by both Nations to boost Maritime links. It prevents Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated activities.

The Indian Navy has been involved in the task of helping countries in the Indian Ocean region with other entities under India’s vision of Security and Growth for All in the Region (SAGAR).



HSTDV will fly without the upper stage fairings in the next test

In the upcoming stages for the mission, HSTDV will fly without upper stage fairings by exposing the cruise vehicles to the atmosphere.

DRDO is working on the new rocket motor to reduce aerodynamic forces and kinetic heating. It will enable the CV to withstand the loads during the launch. The HSTDV mission involves all engineering branches for different fields of science.



Australia will temporarily host ISRO satellite tracking facilities

The space agencies of India and Australia have been working to position Indian tracking facilities temporarily in Australia. ISRO has started the plan to launch Gaganyaan mission by 2022.

Both countries boosted their bilateral relationship for a strategic partnership at the virtual meeting. They put practical agreements on cybersecurity, minerals, and technology.