Indian Air Force is planning to lease two mid-air refuellers from the American Company Boeing and European Aviation Firm Airbus


Owing to the shortage of mid-air refueling aircrafts, the Indian Air Force is planning to lease at least two mid-air refuellers from the American Company Boeing and European Aviation Firm Airbus. IAF has asked for quotes from these two companies, particularly one from Boeing and two from Airbus.

IAF may decide on the deal soon, as the talks with the companies are still in progress. Initially, IAF might bring 3 mid-air refuellers, and extend the fleet to 6 after having the experience to use them.

This may result in the second major lease by Armed Forces since November 2020, the first being the lease of two Sea Guardian Drones for Indian Navy, which was leased from US based firm General Atomics.

IAF in considering the A330 multi-role tanker transport (MRTT), an aircraft derived from the twin-engine A330 passenger aircraft of Airbus, and the KC-46 tanker, which is another version of Boeing 767 Passenger aircraft.

These aircrafts will join the fleet which consists six Ilyushin-78 (IL-78) tankers from Russia, which are a part of fleet since 2003, and currently going through maintenance and service issues. The mid-air Refuellers increase the strength of Air Force by helping the pilots stay in flight for a longer time, hence carrying out strikes at longer ranges. Earlier, France has offered 6 A330 MRTT aircrafts to India, but the deal didn’t see the day’s sun.

IAF’s recent inductees, Rafale and Tejas Mk1 come with the enhancements of mid-air refueling, thus having the long-range capability.



India has decided to provide 341 spares of Indra Radar to Sri Lanka


To accomplish its SAGAR Vision, India has decided to provide 341 spares of Indra Radar to Sri Lanka. SAGAR stands for Security and Growth for All in the Region. Under this vision, India is trying to reach out to Indian Ocean countries.

The deal is estimated to count 200 Million Lankan Rupees. This deal was a part of the high level defence engagement between the two countries. In 2011, Indian Air Force gifted 4 Indra Mk-11 Radars to the Sri Lankan Air Force. IAF also assisted Sri Lanka Air Force in setting up this system. These Radars will be supported by the spares provided through the recent deal.

This deal was accompanied by the Indian Air Force completing Annual Life Extension checks of 54 shoulder-launched Surface to Air IGLA missiles of Sri Lankan Air Force.  

Gopal Baglay, Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka handed over these spares to Air Marshal Sudarshana Pathirana, the Commander of Sri Lanka Air Force. The spares were carried by the Indian Air Force’s AN-32 aircraft which landed in Sri Lanka on January 10th.

Indra MK II, which is a mobile 2d Radar, can detect low flying aircrafts very easily. It is manufactured by Bharat Electronics and developed by Electronics and Radar Development Establishment (LRDE) wing of the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO).

Since Sri Lanka is “Priority One” partner of India, the military co-operation and support indicates the growing camaraderie and bond between these two nations.

Chief of DRDO shared critical updates about Twin Engine Deck based Fighter (TEDBF)


G Satheesh Reddy, Chief of DRDO shared critical updates about Twin Engine Deck based Fighter (TEDBF) which is in under development for Indian Navy.

TEDBF, being developed for Indian Navy has improved frontal section with some Radar cross section reduction measures. With wider cockpit, the fighter jet is set to have nose-up attitude on the ground with nose gear that can mount catapult hook for Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System intended for Future aircraft carriers. This new cockpit layout will provide pilot a better view of decks while landing. As Delta Wing has got slightly bigger in new design, aircraft can carry more fuel and incorporate a full-sized wing section for folding operations inside storage hangars of aircraft carrier. TEDBF can operate from both INS Vikrant and INS Vikramaditya.

A close coupled canard is angled for more aggressive maneuvering at low speeds, mi-spine section has been improved to reduce drag. Maximum Take off weight will be around 26 tons.

TEDBF is also provided with full anti-corrosion treatment. Empty weight of TEDBF will be around 12 tons whereas it is 11 tons and 105 tons for MiG-29K and Rafale respectively. The new developments will reduce cost apart from improving stealth capability with advance designs. 



Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) has signed an agreement with Thales


Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) has signed an agreement with Thales for a joint work on the Starstreak Air Defence System, also known as Starstreak SPHVM (Self Propelled High Velocity Missile). The system will be developed under the “Make in India” program.

Starstreak is a part of the British Army since 1997. In September 1997, it received the export clearance for the UK Ministry of Defence. It can prove to be a game changer for Indian Army and Indian Air Force as it will meet the immediate air defence requirements.

It is the fastest Short-range surface to air missile in the world, as it can accelerate to more than Mach 4. It can be used effectively against helicopters and high speed ground attack aircrafts. Its length is 140 cm, diameter of 13 cm, weighing 20 kg, and can hit any target in the range of 03-7 kms.

This deal will initiate industrial co-operation between both the countries. With this deal, BDL will be a part of the Starstreak global supply chain and will export Indian manufactured products to existing and new customers of Starstreak systems.