Indian Navy ready to get new P-8I anti-submarine plane from the US

Indian Navy is set to receive one out of the four P-8I Maritime Patrol Aircraft this month and another 3 next year. The aircraft are from the Boeing Company of the US.  They will boost India’s capabilities in the Indian Ocean Region.

The configuration of the coming aircraft is the same as the previous 8 are in service in the Indian Navy. There are some plans of installing communication systems too. Installation of communication systems started after India and the US signed the Communications, Compatibility and Security Agreement (COMCASA).



India objects to China’s proposed clauses on military drills in the ASEAN code

India has expressed its opposition to China’s move of pushing the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) to insert clauses in the South China Sea. It is because it can stop India from conducting joint military drills with the SE Asian States and also bar from extracting natural resources from the region. Beijing and China are pressuring to limit the role of external powers.

The code was compulsory over the last decade after China started constructing artificial islands in the SCS region.

The Code should not prejudice the legitimate interests being consistent to the UN laws, emphasised in 2+2 ministerial meeting last month.

China is protesting the OVL and foreign companies also for their roles in exploring hydrocarbons in Vietnam.



India now having a drones directorate to focus only on drones

India now has the dedicated Drones Directorate that will only focus on the management of the drones ecosystem. The DGCA got permission for the setup from the Finance Minister as it would be having its own financial budget. The eight officials will be from the DGCA, and the number will be expanded over time.

The idea for the setup was proposed last year. Now, DGCA has approved multiple drone training schools for the training certification of drone operators. It has also supported the third-party drone certification scheme.

Responsibilities of the directorate include looking into the multiple delays to roll out no permission, and no NPNT support to the Digital Sky platform.

More drones have been allowed in the number of areas, including at the critical infrastructure.

Successful test-firing of Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile air defence system

India has successfully test-fired the Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile air defence system. It directed a target hit during the trial. It destroyed an unmanaged target aircraft at medium range.

On November 13, it attained the milestone by the direct hit to a Banshee pilotless target aircraft.



Award of 2300 crore contract to OshoCorp for tank ammunition of T-72 and T-90 tanks

Indian Army has awarded the project for the development and supply of 125mm APFSDS specialised ammunition for the mainstay battle tanks- T-72 and T-90 tanks to OshoCorp. The development should be as per the Make II guidelines of the Ministry of Defence, Government of India. The selection process has been done for over 3 years. The cost of the project is more than INR 2300 Crore.

There will be improved development of APFSDS ammunition with a minimum DoP of 530mm to enhance the lethality. DoP defines the terminal effects of the ammunition. Moreover, It is essential to defeat the protection levels of AFVs.

In the order of around 85,000 rounds of ammunition, 25 rounds each for T-72 T-90 tank platforms are required for trial and approval.

125mm Armour Piercing Fin Stabilised Discarding Sabot (APFSDS) will be utilised for the destruction of enemy tanks.

OshoCorp Global Pvt Ltd is the certified company with multiple Defence Industrial Licences from Government of India for the manufacturing of Defence Systems.



Malabar exercise upsetting China brings multiple changes in the power balance

Warships of the United States, Japan, Australia, and India will come together in the Malabar naval exercise off the Goa coast. This is about the second round of the war games by the QUAD countries.

India invited Australia to the war games of 2020. It angered President Xi Jinping’s Communist Party of China Government. It triggered protests.

President’s aggressive approach brought the unity of the member countries of the four-nation alliance. For a long time, China had been pushing Japan over the claim to the Senkaku Islands. It is threatening Australia with the trade war. And it is discussing nuke missiles to the US Navy. China also crossed the line with New Delhi in 2020 when PLA soldiers tried to take control of Indian territory in Ladakh.

India needs to get prepared for Chinese aggression. The government has already asked the Indian Navy to change its orientation. Now the focus is on developing the capacity for the deployment from the Gulf of Eden to the Malacca Strait.